Sunday, June 26, 2011

It Makes Me Hungry!

This post may have a little TMI.  Just go with it.  It's nothing that bad.

When I was a young teen, I had the unfortunate-ness of having ... shall we say more potent sweat than the average girl.  For years, I used this super expensive deodorant that fixed the smell, but had no antiperspirant.  It was no fun.  

While I was in college, someone I knew with a similar problem went to a dermatologist and was told to use Arrid Gel Extra, Extra something like that.  I joined the ranks and was in LOVE!  Finally a deodorant with antiperspirant.  The only problem: it was mostly for men. Most scents made me feel like a man.  I had exactly one option that made me feel girly.  But I was happy.

Then they took away one of the Extras.  It seemed to be pretty much the same thing... so I kept going.

Then they got rid of the only Extra left.  This was becoming problematic.

Then they stopped selling the one girly scent in stores, but I could find it online.

Alas, it is no more.

So, I decided I would have to just smell like a man.  It was better than smelling gross!

My trip to the store was very disappointing.  They didn't have ANY Arrid at all!   What was I to do?  However, in my many years of Arrid use, most of the other brands have come out with "prescription strength" options.  Looks like I better try one of those.  I found a powder fresh option, cause that's my fav, and went home to try it.

And it works!  I'm quite happy.  However, there is one thing..... it makes me smell like Jolly Ranchers.  Watermelon Jolly Ranchers to be exact.  I thought I was crazy, so I asked Hod, and he totally agrees.  Now I walk around smelling like candy.  Do you have any idea how susceptible a pregnant woman's cravings are to suggestions?  I've even started dreaming about Jolly Ranchers.

I don't think deodorant is supposed to make you hungry. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Have Not Been Missed

I've had a lot of jobs in my life.  I guess when you move every 6-12 months, you are bound to have to get new jobs.  My last two jobs didn't deal with the general public.  It was blissful.  Seriously.  What is it about the general public that causes such a strong struggle?

I work at a factory that makes ice cream type products.  I'm one of the secretaries.  I get to share the job with one of my best friends.  She works 3 days a week, I work 2, unless one of us has a need to have an extra day off, then we cover for each other.  It really is a great situation.  Along with basic secretarial duties, we also have a small store where we sell our product.  I am the cashier.  Normally, that's fine.  I see lots of people some are great.  But many, many are not.  Let me vent a bit.

We sell seconds.  SECONDS as in, they have issues, so we won't sell them at full price.  However, if you are just after flavor, and not looks or perfection, then they are great.  (I'm all about the seconds, personally.)  The seconds are super popular, because they are $.10 - $.23 cheaper a piece.  Because we are a business, we don't try to make mistakes.  We always aim for firsts.  This means a few things.  1st - you CAN NOT order seconds. We don't have an employee who's job it is to work in the back and mess things up so you can buy them at a cheaper price.  That would be stupid, and said person would probably be fired.  2nd - Because these are mistakes, we can't promise to have a certain amount, a certain flavor, or anything like that.  Sometimes we run out.  If you wanted them, you should have gotten here sooner.  Not my fault.  3rd - When I tell you that we are out, we really are out!  I'm not some mean person who enjoys toying with the public's ice cream needs.  Sarcastically offering to go in the back to check for me just makes you a jerk.  4th - We sell seconds individually.  This means, you need to count as you are throwing them into a bag.  You see, I work in an office.  I have about 1 foot of clean space on my desk, because we had to make room for the cash register that is about as old as I am.  Passing me 2 bags full and saying, "why don't you count them" once again makes you seem rude.  Ok, so a lot of places don't trust their customers.  We do, and we'll let you count for us.  You had to put them in the bag, why didn't you count a little?  Could it be because you are wearing shoes, so you couldn't look at our toes to help you?  Ok, that was mean.  But really, when you have 45 in a box, and you hold the box up, do you really think I can magically count them just by looking?  This isn't a carnival game, where we get a prize for the closest guess.

Our store is small.  As in, I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that it is about 8ft X 8ft.  And this includes 3 chest freezers, 2 chairs, and a small table.  On top of the largest freezer, we have a bunch of plastic bags.  At least 3 times a day, I have someone ask me if we have bags.  PLEASE open your eyes!  Really, you have 64 square feet to look through.  Can't you glance around?

We sell about 10 flavors.  10.  Not 1,000, TEN.  So, WHY does it take you 20 minutes to pick one?  Heck, we even have 2 different multi-flavor packs to make it easier to be indecisive.    AND if you're indecisive, please don't come in 3 minutes before we close.  Some of us have family, who have to leave for work 10 minutes after I get home.  I would like to see my husband.  If you really are sorry, then make a choice!

Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to have this job.  I just sometimes wish the general public would be a little bit easier to work with.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Don't Think That is What They Meant

As many of you know, it is a common thing for pregnant woman to be slightly unaware of their bodies.  They used to fit through a spot *this* big, and now they need a spot *TTTTHHHHIIIISSSSS* big.  Because this happens so quickly, we tend to be a bit klutzy as we adjust to our every changing bodies.

I haven't had too much of a problem so far.  Then today I had a crazy klutzy moment that hurt!  But not what you think.

My pierced ears have become quite sensitive since becoming pregnant.  As a result, I need to normally wear my very high quality earrings.  These tend to be quite expensive, so I only own one pair; my studs.  I put them in, and forget about them, wearing them for weeks at a time.

This morning as I was combing my hair, I caught my earring and ripped it out of my ear with my comb.  I've had my ears pierced for a year, and I've NEVER done something like that.

I would like to blame it on my ever changing body that I can't keep track of... but I'm pretty sure pregnancy hasn't changed the placement of my ears.

Friday, June 17, 2011

What's With The Pitiful Face?

Good-Golly-Hormones, Batman!

I've heard that there are crazy hormones that go with the pregnancy.  I've been a bit more ... volatile since becoming pregnant.  I've been feeling extremes.  However, there has been a pretty intense lack of tears.  I've never been a crier.  According to my sisters, I'm the heartless one in the family.  This week I have proved them wrong.

This week I've cried about 10 times.  Some of it was real, and for good reason: like hitting the due date thing.  Most of it was pointless: like running out of salt in the salt shaker.  (Don't you worry, there was more in the cupboard.)  The only somewhat redeeming part has been that Hod is working so much to provide for us, that he hasn't had to witness the majority of these breakdowns.  I'm really hoping that this is a temporary thing.  I'm sure it will happen again, but I am really hoping that this will stop for a while.  Cause if I cry twice a day for the next 20 weeks, I'm going to be really bugged.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life Goes On

Today, at work, when I finally figured out what day it was, I had this little bell go off in the back of my mind.  I worried that I was supposed to do something today, and I had forgotten.  But, I was at work, so I just pushed that to the side.

Around 7:00 this evening, I remembered.

Today was supposed to be my due date.

Part of me says that's totally fine, because I'm pregnant now.  As far as I know, everything is great with this baby.  I'm so glad that I have this today, so I'm not as sad.

The other part of me says that I'm a jerk for forgetting.  How could one forget her own child?  I feel like a bad mom for forgetting about my angel baby.

For those of you who don't remember, I actually miscarried for about a month before we knew for sure.  I bled for a month before we had an ultrasound.  There I was able to see my baby's heartbeat.  But it was slow.  The Dr. suggested we wait a week to see if things would be ok, and then make a decision.  The next week the heartbeat was gone, and I went into surgery the next day.  Because I had been bleeding for so long, and because there was a large mystery spot on the ultrasound, the Dr. wonders if I miscarried twins.  Just that I had miscarried one so much earlier that almost all signs of that baby were gone.  It's hard not knowing for sure.

A few days before the first ultrasound, I was very worried.  Part of me knew something was wrong.  Hod didn't believe me.  I'm not sure if that is just because he didn't want to, or if it was because he just thought I was paranoid.  Either way, he bought me a gift to make me feel better.  We are big fans of the Willow Tree figurines.  Hod gave me this:
It's called "Cherish"

It really means a lot to me.  This is the one way I was able to hold my baby.  To my knowledge, in this life at least, this is the only way I will ever hold my baby.  Though that was one of the hardest things I had ever gone through, I will always cherish that pregnancy.  I learned a lot from it.  It helped Hod and I to communicate better.

I've heard a lot of things about what happens when a woman miscarries, and what happens to that child.  I don't doubt at all the revelation some friends have received when they have gone through it.  However, I have not received any of the same.  So, I just don't know.

But life goes on.  I'm pregnant again.  I am positive that this baby is not the child I miscarried.  Right now, I am the mother of 2 (or maybe 3) children.  I pray every day that in 2 weeks when I have my next ultrasound that everything will be great.  I saw this baby's heartbeat at 7 weeks, and everything looked good.  I hope it still is.  

I guess it really is ok to go days at a time without thinking about my first baby.  But I will always love that child.  And I am grateful to have another baby coming, so I could spend the day working, and being happy and productive.  I will always cherish the short time I had with my first.  However, I am excited for the time I have had, and will have with my second.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Where's the Remote?

As previously discussed, I am building a baby.  This is rockin' awesome.


Ok, I know that as humans we have nothing on elephants.  22 months?  That is crazy!

But really, let me explain this to you.  The initial "I'm pregnant" excitement has kind of been pushed out with all of the puking, back-aches, swollen feet, and just the general feeling lousy-ness.  I'm still super happy about it, I'm just ready for a new phase.  And I've been feeling this way for about a month.

In about 2 weeks, we should be able to find out the gender of Jr.  This will change things drastically.  But I'll be honest, I'm kind of over the whole pregnant thing.  Can't I just fast forward to the part where I have the baby?  Ready, set, GO!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Is That?

I remember hearing rumors when I was a single lady.  I heard once that a man's razor gives you a closer shave.  Through price checking, I found that they usually cost more, so I dismissed this rumor.  I mean, really, a close shave is really good for a man.  However, a man shaves around 5% of his body.  A woman shaves closer to 50%.  So WHY would they not make a really good close shave razor for women?

Then I got married.  We stayed in two different hotels on our honeymoon, and I accidentally left my razor at the first.  Hod is a kind, sharing man and he had 2 razors so he let me use one.  Great Wheat Thins!  The rumor was right!  The man's razor is so much better!  For quite a while, I used Hod's razor.  Then, because we were moving to FL (but we didn't) and because he was having some skin problems under his arms (TMI?) Hod decided to start shaving his armpits.  I was in full support of this, cause I have always thought armpit hair was gross.  I mean, really, I know they wash it, but armpits in general are gross.  Now lets add hair to collect all of the grossness.

So then we started sharing.  No problem.  Til we found out that Hod is allergic to the body wash I use.  So, it's back to me using my own.  We went to buy me one, and I wondered if maybe my memory was bad.  A woman's razor can't be that bad, can it?  I got a woman's razor, cause it's cute and I'm a girl.

And I'm sorely disappointed.  I'm sure many of you are just thinking, ok, so go buy a man's.  However, I have about 7 spare blades for this razor, and I hate wasting things.

My question is this:  WHY are men's razors so superior?  All I know, is it's a bummer.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tales From A Drug Clouded Mind

Oh, my dear Hod.  How I love you.

*Warning this post will include some bodily function details*

As previously mentioned, Hod had surgery on Thursday.  He has had a problem in the past with anesthesia shutting down parts of his body.  Like his bladder and bowels.  And this time was no exception.  Because of this, Hod was on an larger than normal dose of drugs.  He had the normal pain medication (though narcotics, making things quite exciting.), some supplementary pain medication, an antibiotic, something to help the bowels start working, and something to help the bladder start working.  In his crazy, drug clouded mind, he said some pretty funny things.  Being the sensitive, loving wife that I am, I have decided to share my favorites with you.

(2 AM out of nowhere, and I have only been asleep for about 45 min)
    "Knock, Knock"
    (I'm tired enough that I can't get my mouth to work, so I respond with a "mmnnhhuunnhhusnai")
    "Who's there?"
    (This causes a panic, cause I don't have a clue where he was going.)
    *Long Pause*  "Oh... I forget"

(One afternoon as he is rolling over in his sleep)
(Quickly followed by)
   "Water-lanche!  You know, when the rocks and water fall?"
   (Uh... do you mean Avalanche?)
   "No, Water-lanche.  Like Tarantula!"

(As a get well soon gift, I bought Hod some slippers made of fabric that looks like you skinned a Muppet)
   "Where are the Velcro Muppets?"
   (Do you mean your slippers?)
   "No, I need the Velcro Muppets, the ones that you throw at the bed!"
(Seriously this was very important, the bad guys were going to kill him if he didn't give them our Velcro Muppets.)

"I'm not Jewish!"

"I hate drugs.  I'm already going through detox!  I'm addicted!"
(He had taken a pill 45 minutes before)

(We have a friend who is an EMT and was helping us with a few medical needs at home.)
"Can you call (this friend) and tell her I need her to come tell me I'm not crazy?"

"Whoah!  Did you feel that earthquake?"
(There had actually been a small earthquake the day before.  However, Hod was sitting in a rocking chair.)

"The blanket is attacking me! The blanket is attacking me!"

And one story that I find quite humorous.  Saturday night, Hod was HOT.  As in he was going to die because the heat was so great.  I had helped him take off his outer clothes, so he was wearing less layers.  His hernia surgery incision was located right at the waist band of his underpants.  Because of the heat, he had pulled the elastic away from his skin trying to get a breeze.  This concerned me, because I could see his hand easily slipping, thus causing the elastic to snap against his skin and the incision.  I expressed my concern.  Hod was feeling a little vindictive or something, so with a smug look on his face, he stretched the elastic further.  And, yes, it did snap.  It hurt him pretty bad, and though I had sympathy, it was humorous.

Also, about my start in Urology.  I actually have no interest in that field.  I don't do bodily fluids.  Especially while pregnant.  This is why I take great pride in the fact that I removed Hod's catheter.  Oh, did I mention that he had one of those?  Yeah.  And when he was done with it, it was on Sunday, and we called the hospital, and I was told how to get it out.  I did most of it with my eyes closed, and almost died when some liquid got on me, until I was informed it was just water.  Those are my mad skills.

Monday, June 6, 2011

I May Have Gone A Little Crazy

Life.  It's been busy!  Let me share with you:

May 28th we moved.  I was SO grateful for the help we had.  I was very nervous about this move, because you see, we were moving into a second floor apartment, which isn't too bad.  However, when you add in the fact that I'm pregnant and I'm not supposed to lift anything over about 20 lbs, and my husband had a surgery scheduled for the next week to repair a hernia so he wasn't supposed to lift, and my Dad is great and pretty strong, but he is over seventy, I was just really worried.  However, with 3 great guys from our new ward, and L5 and L7 we got it all moved in just under sixty minutes!  It was great!

Then I should have unpacked, but instead I went with my sisters to a baby *edit for accuracy, I guess I really am crazy* bridal shower.  My dear Mom took her moving job seriously so when I got home that night I had a bed all set up and made for me to sleep in!  (Thanks Mom!)

Sunday I didn't unpack.

Monday was a holiday, so I didn't unpack.

Tuesday I worked, so I didn't unpack.

Wednesday Hod and I spent a lot of time shopping to get things for our apartment, and things he would need for his surgery the next day.  I'm pregnant and tire easily, so I didn't unpack.

Thursday Hod had his surgery.  MAN do I have some funny stories about that.  These will come later.  But for the sake of this post, just know that there was still no unpacking.

Friday was another day of trying to take care of my heavily medicated husband, so I didn't unpack.  Then my dear friend came to visit and spend the night.  She was kind enough to not complain about sleeping amongst boxes.

Saturday, more taking care of hod.  Still no unpacking.

Sunday, I started my potential career as a urologist.  And I didn't unpack.  OH, but then my dishwasher flooded so we had to clean that up and all of my dishes were still dirty.

Today, more Dr stuff for Hod, and still no unpacking.

Pretty much I need to get busy!  Today I am crazy.  Really.  Ask Hod.  He was crazy for 3 days and it's like I felt left out or something.

And that is my life!  More details to follow:)