Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Monster

#1 has always been a champ.  Don't get me wrong, when things aren't the way she wants them she can throw a fit with the best of them, but she has dealt with a lot in her little life.

I guess between Hod and I, we refer to #1 as the Ornery One, and #2 as the Happy Camper.

It seems those days are changing.

#1 is finally starting to get over her orneryness.  #2 is just starting.  What is the culprit of #2's orneryness? Teething.  When #1 was teething it wasn't ever a big deal.  We'd give her some teething tablets, and she'd go to sleep, and life was good.  #2 can't handle it though.  We try teething tablets, we try Tylenol, we try everything.  And the poor girl can't get a break!  The only thing that relieves her is chewing on a cold bottle of water.  Currently that is the only way I can get her to sleep.  This is making for long nights.  A bottle of water only stays cold so long.  And then she moans and starts chewing on her hands, but then she bites too hard, so her life keeps being sad, and there is no hope in her world.

My sweet little girl is turning into a bit of a monster.  But I can't really blame her.

I mean, how can you be angry when she gives smiles like that?

 And This?
 And a little of this.

And just because I have two cute girls, and I can't leave #1 out.

These Girls rock my knee highs.

Monday, July 15, 2013


#2 is a pretty sound sleeper.  Our apartment has really thin walls, and we have noisy neighbors.  She also has a pretty loud big sister.

However, there are certain very quiet sounds that she easily wakes up to.  The hardest one for me: the sound of my jeans swishing as I walk.  You see, I am not a super skinny girl.  My thighs touch.  I'm good with it.  But when I walk, if you really listen, you can hear the denim of my shorts swish.  This is a problem because #2 still sleeps in my room.  In our home, you always have to go through a bedroom to get to a bathroom.  If #1 is asleep, I can't go use her bathroom, because the door sticks and wakes her up.  #2 can easily sleep through the squeaky bedroom door, the closing of the bathroom door, all noises made in the bathroom (like hand washing and flushing toilets) all of that.  However, the sound of my jeans wakes her up.  I have now adapted with this really awkward walk where I space out my legs and squat down a little so as to not let my jeans swish.

I just ran through her room to get my phone that was ringing.  (She won't sleep through that.)

I think I pulled something doing my awkward "don't let the thighs touch" move.

The things we do for our kids. ;)