Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Lousy Memory

So, we all know that I don't blog everyday. The good news is, between all of the blogs that I do stalk, I always have one to read. Many of my family and friends have private blogs. I totally get that. Some people just aren't comfortable living their entire bloggy life as a bucket. Luckily I have completely embraced my inner bucket-ness. Anyway, the point of this, is Blogger daily asks me if I want to be remembered. Most every day I tell it yes. Every day, I am forgotten. I used to think that maybe it was because Hod would use my computer on a regular basis, cause we weren't married, and he would always come to my apartment. But, married life, and him having his own computer hasn't fixed the problem.  Alas, I seem to be destined to be forgotten. As a result, I feel the need to dedicate a song to Blogger. So, Blogger, dear, kind, free, forgetful blogger. This one is for you. (Seriously, read the lyrics, it totally fits, in a slightly creepy way.)  Oh, and as always, remember to pause the music player on your right before playing the video.  And, I'm pretty sure if Josh Groban had a grave to roll over in, he would after finding out that I just used this AMAZING song to mock Blogger.  

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Amazing Problem Solving Skills

Last weekend, Hod and I went on a trip down to my home state.  While driving on a major freeway, I noticed a strange occurrence. I imagine that the men who are part of the state construction company had a conversation that went something like this:

*Imagine a door slamming as Henry quickly enters the office to talk to his supervisor George*
H: George!  We have a Ma-Jor problem!
G: Oh No!  What's wrong Henry? (This may be said in a "Did little Timmy Fall down the well" voice.)
H: All of the warehouses are full!  There is NO room for all of the construction cones and barrels.  What do we do??
G: Oh, silly Henry.  That's an easy one.  You know that stretch of freeway between this place and this other city?
H: Yes, sir!  I am very aware of that area on a major freeway that lots and lots of cars, trucks, and semi's travel everyday.
G: See, this is what you do: Take all of the extra cones and barrels, add in those signs that say you are entering a construction zone and then *giggle* drop the speed limit.  It's a "construction" zone, so you should probably drop the speed limit by about 30 mph.  Ha! Ha!  That will be great.  Can you just see all of the commuters, slowing down, driving waiting for the construction zone to really show up, but in never will!  Little do they know we're just out of room.  We just need a space for our extra cones and barrels.
H: That is a brilliant idea! Wow, George.  This is why you're in charge.  So resourceful.  I'll go right out and do that.
*Scene ends as Henry runs from the office to go to George's evil bidding*

Seriously.  We went through multiple "construction" zones.  No men working, nothing different on the road, just cones, barrels, and a really slow speed limit.  But I get it.  If you're out of room, what can you do?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Life of Mr & Mrs Bucket

Hello friends!

I'm back!  AND I'm married.  Yeah, weird.  Today I was able to stand up and introduce myself in my new ward.  It was really hard to remember my last name.  But married life is good.  I highly recommend it.  Here's a few highlights:

1.  On our wedding night (No, this story isn't going there... who do you think I am???)  Hod and I had a hard time adjusting to sleeping with another person.  Middle of the night, I was actually kicked out of bed.  There was a couch in our room so I ended up there.  Hod doesn't remember asking me to move, but I was totally bummed.  It got cold, so eventually I made him get over it and I got back in bed.  Now we can successfully sleep in the same bed without anyone getting kicked out.  Although, apparently I can be quite the aggressive cuddle-er.  Hod has learned that when I am sleeping and I want to cuddle, he better watch out :)  Oh, and can I just share, one of the best feelings in the WORLD is when you're asleep and then a handsome man rolls over just to put his arm around you and pull you close.  Sharing penalty?  Hope not, cause I love it!

2.  We are all sorts of moved in!  We really like our apartment, except for the lack of storage.  That is a bummer.  But we are figuring it out.  We hung up all of our art and we look all sorts of ritzy.  The sad part is, we are totally the normal poor newlyweds.  But we're happy in our poorness!

3.  I have successfully cooked twice for Hod now.  This morning I tried and failed.  I was making french toast.  Not a hard thing to make.  But I didn't notice that on my brand new pan there was some plastic around the handle.  It melted.  And it smelled really bad.  And we didn't think it was on the food till Hod started eating.  He's sweet and tried to be nice and eat it anyway.  I made him stop because I didn't want him to die.  I may have ruined a pan.  And I'm not happy about it.  But it was funny.

4.  I'm still looking for a job.  I don't really enjoy not having work.  Actually, it's driving me crazy!  But at least Hod has a job.  Some nights he's gone late for work and that totally whomps, but some income is good.

So thats my life.  Nothing too exciting to report.  But life is good.  I love Hod, and I am enjoying my life!!