Monday, July 30, 2012


A few months ago, we "sleep trained" #1.  We did a modified Ferber method.  It really worked pretty well for us.  She got SO good at putting herself to sleep for naps and bedtime.  She didn't even come close to sleeping through the night.  However, as she was in my room that didn't surprise me.  Hod and I are enough to keep her awake.  (The flying squirrel is not a quiet move.)

Last week I spent 3 nights at my Mom's while family was visiting.  The first night was a living terror.  The second night was really good.  The third night left something to be desired but it could have been worse.  I was excited to come home so she could return to decent sleep in our home.  (Well... kind of decent.  She never sleeps for more than 3 hours in a row, but I needed her to get back to that.)

I don't know what happened, but she lost it.  It is like we never sleep trained at all.  When we put her to bed she SCREAMS for anywhere from 10 min to 70 min.  She does this for naps, for bed, always.  She has also started waking up at midnight and wanting to play.  No matter how much I haven't played with her she has still taken 2-3 hours to get back to sleep.  She has also learned how to pull herself up really well.  Last night I caught her as she jumped up while flinging her head forward and trying to get out of the crib.  So she spent the rest of the night with me, cause I was too tired to fix her crib.

Hod and I talked this morning.  We lowered her crib again and now I can not pick her up unless she is standing.  This makes night time feedings a problem.  Before, when she would wake up, I would help her lay down and then prop a bottle in her mouth.  (I know, you're not supposed to do that... it leads to ear infections.  I've been doing it for 6 months and she has never had an ear infection.)  I can not prop a bottle anymore.  So, this is what we did.  We spent the day rearranging one of the spare rooms, and moved her.  Tonight I will feed her once, but it must be after 1.  I am expecting a rough night with a lot of screaming.  I warned our downstairs neighbors and I'm a bit nervous.  But it just has to change!  Wish us luck!

In other news, for a bit of venting.... I really hate drivers sometimes.  Let me tell you probably my biggest driving pet peeve.  Imagine with me, cause I'm sure you've had this happen, that you are sitting at a stop sign and want to turn... let say right.  While you are waiting for a time you can go, another car pulls up next to you because they want to turn left.  However, they can't see past you, so they pull up further than you, thus blocking your view. Oh, do you not have this problem?  Are you in a van?  Cause I'm in a car.  I drive a cute little Mazda wagon. Me and my little "Zoom, Zoom" (or "swimsuit" if you know that story) car are short.  Vans, Jeeps, SUV's, large trucks, they are all a few feet taller than I am.  So, not only are they blocking my view with their length because they pull so far into the intersection, but with their height.  Many of them could look over my car, but they seem to forget that.  Then we can do the struggle of I pull out further, they pull out further and we are both going to get hit by cross traffic because we end up so far into the intersection, OR I can just be ticked and wait.  That is what normally happens.  But I was there first!  It also happens to me when I'm trying to turn left.  Why can't they wait their turn?  Or, look over my car.  Or look through my windows, they aren't tinted.  (I've looked through the windows before so I don't ruin their view.)  Really, please, do Paily a favor, and don't do this to people!  It is just rude.

*And, lest anyone think it is just a dumb thing where I am from, in the 4 states that I have lived in and driven in for over 6 months all have had this problem.*

Let us all be nice, and let us all hope that my daughter will sleep!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Better, But Not So Much Fun

In the past few weeks, I have been tracted into by 2 different sets of Missionaries.  The first was a set of Elders from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It was a very hot day, and as Hod was at work, all I could do was offer them a drink of water.  They were kind, we chatted for a minute, but seeing as I go to their Church services every week, they didn't have too much to say to me.  After a brief chat they went on their way.

This morning I had another set of missionaries come to my door.  They were not of my religion.  Now, having served an 18 month, all day, every day, mission for my Church, I understand a bit about these ladies.  They wanted to share an article from their magazine, "The Watchtower" with me.  These ladies belonged to the Jehovah's Witnesses.  I found their wording quite interesting.  During my time as a missionary, I spent quite a bit of time talking to JW's.  I accidentally stumbled upon a way to trick every one of them up, and "prove" that I had no need for their religion in my life.  I am sad to admit that I used to "Bible Bash."  And I was good at it.  However, fighting with someone by quoting different verses of the Bible to try to prove someone wrong is not a good thing.  I didn't do it much on my mission, though I really wanted to.  But here is the problem:  You will not convince someone that they are really wrong.  You will not convince someone that they should stop what they are doing and join your church.  When you go about with a spirit of contention, then the Holy Ghost leaves.  It is the Holy Ghost who testifies of truth.  So then, if you do say something true, they can't feel the Spirit telling them that it IS truth, because you kicked the Spirit out a long time ago.  But, I so enjoy it.  It is not Christ-like, but it brings me some joy.  Especially because I figured out how to box JW's in the corner.  When I realized what religion they belonged to, the child inside of me started to salivate and gear up for a good "bashing" session.  The adult in me took over.  When they asked me if I was "confused as to why the hearer of prayer allows bad things to happen," instead of letting that be my opening to insult them, I just calmly said, "Actually, I feel like I know God's plan, and I understand."  This seemed to surprise them.  They didn't have much else to say, so they offered me one of their magazines, which I declined, and left on their way.

I guess it's a really good thing that I was nice.  They were nice too, so they deserved it.  But it wasn't nearly as much fun.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's With The Haters?

I quite enjoy the internet.  I love how it can be used to share goodness all around the world.  However, there is one thing that really bothers me.

It is a breeding place for haters!  I guess it may be because they can be anonymous, but there are so many people that are so mean!  Why do they have to put others down?  Why do others assume the worst of everyone?

Two recent examples:

1.  I LOVE The Piano Guys.  They recently put out a video that can be seen here .  It makes me happy.  But then I read comments about how it's so lame, and it doesn't take any talent to hit a piano (though I will say that doing so in time, including busting out some triplets when there is a basic eighth beat going on, does take talent.)  WHY?  Why must you be a hater?  Is the video hurting you?  Is it offending you?  Is it taking away some of your freedoms?  No?  Then you should probably get over yourself.

2.  I am a follower of the NieNie Dialogues.  She is a good woman who is doing her best.  She has been through horrific experiences and chooses each day to find good in the world, despite her hardships.  I have never heard (or I guess read) a mean word from her.  (Unlike myself cause I am now using my blog to complain about others.)  Yet, instead of always being met with love and respect, she is often criticized.  For what?  Rising above challenges?  Persevering through hardships?  Doing her best to be a kind and loving mother?  I guess people are critical because she advertises on her blog thus making her a "money searching jerk who is exploiting her children for her own benefit."  EXCUSE ME?  She brings hope to people every day!  I'm sure her medical expenses are insane.  If she can make a few dollars because I am choosing to read her blog and be uplifted, then good for her.  I call that being resourceful, not being a jerk.

Why has society become so hateful?  Why has it become the norm to say hurtful things?  Since when is it considered OK to say whatever you want and be inconsiderate?  Is that what people are teaching their children?  If I said things like that when I was a kid I would have been punished and then I would have had to go apologize.  Why has the internet taken that away?  It truly makes me sad.  I wish we could all be kind.  Yes, it is true, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  But I was taught that if I didn't want to say anything nice, it was best to keep my mouth shut.  Some seem to have forgotten that important lesson.

(And yes, I realize that I just said mean things so maybe I should take my own advice and keep my mouth shut.  But I'm angry, and in my defense... I didn't criticize a specific person.... does that make it a little bit more OK?)


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here We Go Again

Well... The Bucket Family is Growing again.

Can I just say, "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

Yeah, that's about how I feel about it.

And also, "WoooooooHoooooo!!!!!"

With a little bit of "goodgravyIcan'tbelievethisishappening.Wecan'tbedoingthisyet,IthinkI'mgoingcrazy,thisisthecoolestthingever,Ireallyamnevergoingtobeabletosleepagain,Ilovebabies!" thrown in.

Surprised?  Yeah, me too.

There really is no such thing as 100% effective birth control.  No, really, think about it.  I've heard a very popular story about a girl named Mary who tried the abstinence thing and still got pregnant.  When Heavenly Father has plans for you, it doesn't matter what you try, he can still make it happen.

Now, I'm no Mary, but I still didn't think it could happen when it did.

Around midnight on May 31 I turned to Hod and told him that I thought I was pregnant.  That next Sunday I took a test.  It came back negative.  I was very surprised how sad that made me.  I mean, #1 doesn't even come close to sleeping through the night 95% of the time, why would I want to add to that?  I must be crazy! But I was still sad.

We had purchased 2 tests, so 2 days later I tried again just to make sure.  This time it came back positive.  Whew.  Yeah!  What?  Seriously!  I feel like Rapunzel right after she leaves the tower.  So happy but so worried at the same time.

When Hod and I found out we were pregnant, we decided to wait a bit to tell people.  About 10 days later we found out that a dear family member was pregnant.  We were super happy for her and her husband because they lost their last baby at ... I want to say 32 weeks.  (Sorry that I don't know for sure.)  We found this out the first day of our family reunion.  We told our parents, but after finding out about her pregnancy I was even more sure that I wanted to wait.  I thought she deserved to be "in the spot light" for a bit.  I don't know where I got that idea from... but that is how I felt.  She is due the end of December.  Great!

Later on in the reunion, we found out that another family member is pregnant.  How great!  She is due in Jan.  If anyone was paying good attention to Hod, then they may have figured out that we are also pregnant.  He has no poker face.  He kept looking at me as if to say, "See, she's pregnant too, we may as well tell people".  But still we waited.

So, this is my family:  One sister is due beginning of August.  One niece is due in mid September.  Another niece is due.... I think mid November if I'm doing my math right.  Then comes a niece in late December, and another niece in January.  Bringing up the rear is ME in early February.

Looks like we have a family baby boom.


6/6/12 - Today's Craving: Honey Wheat Pretzel Sticks with Nutella.  YUM!

6/7/12 - Already getting super emotional.  Watching Fireproof 20 min in, almost cried twice.

6/22/12 - Watching chick movie.  The sounds of people kissing is really grossing me out.  My nauseous stomach can't handle it.  Kissing is gross.  (Don't tell Hod I said that.  Normally it's great, but today... GROSS!!)

7/3/12 - I am surprised by the amount of Corn Dogs I am eating.  Corn dogs???  What?  And yet, I've had 5 in the past 2 weeks.  Wow... just admitting that kind of freaks me out.  But if you take a frozen corn dog, and broil it on low for about 15 min it comes out all crispy and mmMMM good!  (But not good any other time of my life.)

7/8/12 - I teach a class for 12-14 year olds at church.  Every week I get super stressed and emotional about it.  I think about my kids and hope that I can teach these tween/teens as well as I would want mine to be taught.  No pressure... :P

7/17/12 - Had our first ultrasound today.  Bucket #2 is doing great!

Monday, July 9, 2012

So Not OK

The other day I was feeling a bit stressed.  I decided to take a nice relaxing shower while #1 was napping so I'd feel better.  It was lovely.

After a substantial time letting the warm water calm me down I decided I needed to get out.  I started drying off with my towel when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.  Suddenly the calm feeling was gone.  The relaxation was gone.  My sanity was threatening to be gone.

Dang earwig had climbed onto my towel and taken up residence.  First bug I've seen in this apartment and it had to be on my towel?  All of the surfaces it could have picked and that is what it went for?

Let it be known, all creepy crawlies of any sort that feel the need to trespass on my property will promptly be killed.  You have been warned.

Ugh.  Really, my skin was crawling all day.  Maybe I'll get to feel relaxed tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Even, Red, VT

In 2008 I moved to TX.  I was blessed to live with my brother and his family.  They are great.  But I didn't really feel like I had friends.  Don't get me wrong, family can be amazing friends, but we weren't exactly hanging in the same circles.  I felt lonely.  Then one night I was with a bunch of people my age at a church thing and I made a friend.  Super nice girl with red hair.  She was my sanity while I was in TX.  When I was super poor, she fed me.  When I was emotional, she listened to my rants.  When I just needed to get away, she let me spend the night.  Such an amazing person.  Later, she was asked to be my Visiting Teacher.  (Don't know what that means?  Go here)  Today, we are still friends.  Well... our lives have gotten busy, we both have moved multiple times, had kids, gotten busy, had lives, so we don't really communicate that much, but she is still amazing, and I know if she lived down the street we would still be tight.

2010 I moved to ID.  My first week going to church, I met a girl who introduced herself to me because I sound just like my sister who lives in MO.  This girl was from MO, and being the kind girl she is, invited me over for dinner with some friends.  There I met a girl with red hair.  We both had husbands who worked nights.  We both wanted a friend to spend time with.  And we had each other.  We would get together and talk about nothing and everything.  We'd laugh, we'd have fun.  It was perfect.  We'd go shopping together, cook together, drive the other person around when one person was locked out of their house, and share our problems with each other. We became good friends.  Later she was asked to be my Visiting Teacher.  Even though I have moved from ID we still find times to see each other.  (It helps that I live on the way to her sister's house.)  She is a blessing in my life and I am glad to know her.

2012 I moved to my current location.  My first week at church I met a kind lady with red hair.  She invited me to play group the following Wed.  Then she invited me to come visit her at home.  She often feeds me, tells me jokes, and keeps me informed on the goings on in our city.  She has become a great friend.  Recently, she was asked to be my Visiting Teacher.  And again, I feel blessed.

Something about this pattern of even years, red hair, and visiting teaching is too much to be a coincidence.  I am so glad that I am being looked after.  I am so glad that Heavenly Father has put people in my lives to bless me.  I'm not sure why they are all red heads (though one was from a box) but it's a fun little trait.

It makes me happy.