Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Even, Red, VT

In 2008 I moved to TX.  I was blessed to live with my brother and his family.  They are great.  But I didn't really feel like I had friends.  Don't get me wrong, family can be amazing friends, but we weren't exactly hanging in the same circles.  I felt lonely.  Then one night I was with a bunch of people my age at a church thing and I made a friend.  Super nice girl with red hair.  She was my sanity while I was in TX.  When I was super poor, she fed me.  When I was emotional, she listened to my rants.  When I just needed to get away, she let me spend the night.  Such an amazing person.  Later, she was asked to be my Visiting Teacher.  (Don't know what that means?  Go here)  Today, we are still friends.  Well... our lives have gotten busy, we both have moved multiple times, had kids, gotten busy, had lives, so we don't really communicate that much, but she is still amazing, and I know if she lived down the street we would still be tight.

2010 I moved to ID.  My first week going to church, I met a girl who introduced herself to me because I sound just like my sister who lives in MO.  This girl was from MO, and being the kind girl she is, invited me over for dinner with some friends.  There I met a girl with red hair.  We both had husbands who worked nights.  We both wanted a friend to spend time with.  And we had each other.  We would get together and talk about nothing and everything.  We'd laugh, we'd have fun.  It was perfect.  We'd go shopping together, cook together, drive the other person around when one person was locked out of their house, and share our problems with each other. We became good friends.  Later she was asked to be my Visiting Teacher.  Even though I have moved from ID we still find times to see each other.  (It helps that I live on the way to her sister's house.)  She is a blessing in my life and I am glad to know her.

2012 I moved to my current location.  My first week at church I met a kind lady with red hair.  She invited me to play group the following Wed.  Then she invited me to come visit her at home.  She often feeds me, tells me jokes, and keeps me informed on the goings on in our city.  She has become a great friend.  Recently, she was asked to be my Visiting Teacher.  And again, I feel blessed.

Something about this pattern of even years, red hair, and visiting teaching is too much to be a coincidence.  I am so glad that I am being looked after.  I am so glad that Heavenly Father has put people in my lives to bless me.  I'm not sure why they are all red heads (though one was from a box) but it's a fun little trait.

It makes me happy.


Happy Mom said...

Too fun!

Miss Nelson said...

Love you, friend! I'm glad Heavenly Father is watching out for you, too!