Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's With The Haters?

I quite enjoy the internet.  I love how it can be used to share goodness all around the world.  However, there is one thing that really bothers me.

It is a breeding place for haters!  I guess it may be because they can be anonymous, but there are so many people that are so mean!  Why do they have to put others down?  Why do others assume the worst of everyone?

Two recent examples:

1.  I LOVE The Piano Guys.  They recently put out a video that can be seen here .  It makes me happy.  But then I read comments about how it's so lame, and it doesn't take any talent to hit a piano (though I will say that doing so in time, including busting out some triplets when there is a basic eighth beat going on, does take talent.)  WHY?  Why must you be a hater?  Is the video hurting you?  Is it offending you?  Is it taking away some of your freedoms?  No?  Then you should probably get over yourself.

2.  I am a follower of the NieNie Dialogues.  She is a good woman who is doing her best.  She has been through horrific experiences and chooses each day to find good in the world, despite her hardships.  I have never heard (or I guess read) a mean word from her.  (Unlike myself cause I am now using my blog to complain about others.)  Yet, instead of always being met with love and respect, she is often criticized.  For what?  Rising above challenges?  Persevering through hardships?  Doing her best to be a kind and loving mother?  I guess people are critical because she advertises on her blog thus making her a "money searching jerk who is exploiting her children for her own benefit."  EXCUSE ME?  She brings hope to people every day!  I'm sure her medical expenses are insane.  If she can make a few dollars because I am choosing to read her blog and be uplifted, then good for her.  I call that being resourceful, not being a jerk.

Why has society become so hateful?  Why has it become the norm to say hurtful things?  Since when is it considered OK to say whatever you want and be inconsiderate?  Is that what people are teaching their children?  If I said things like that when I was a kid I would have been punished and then I would have had to go apologize.  Why has the internet taken that away?  It truly makes me sad.  I wish we could all be kind.  Yes, it is true, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  But I was taught that if I didn't want to say anything nice, it was best to keep my mouth shut.  Some seem to have forgotten that important lesson.

(And yes, I realize that I just said mean things so maybe I should take my own advice and keep my mouth shut.  But I'm angry, and in my defense... I didn't criticize a specific person.... does that make it a little bit more OK?)



Laura E. said...

Oh, I know what you mean. I'm not a fan of the haters! And when people are rude to NieNie it gets me upset too.

I just thought I'd leave a non-hating comment! I found your blog while searching for people writing about their pregnancy. I am 5.5 weeks along with mine & husband's first and looking for all the good info I can get!

Keep up being awesome. :)

Jamie Younker said...

I have been wondering about this lately as well. Back when I was entering this crafting contest I had to make a video and upload it onto youtube. Well the other day someone left the most vulgar comment on it and I thought to myself "For real? Was I hurting you in any way? Did I offend you? No... so why be such a jerk with a potty mouth?" I don't get it. I've heard there are people called "Trolls" on youtube who do nothing but bash on videos all day long. It's how they have "fun". Insane right?

That being said- way to fight the urge to be mean to the JW's. :) I agree with you. Better, but not as much fun. Haha.