Thursday, November 7, 2013

Today's Moment

#1 woke up with hair like this. I'm really not looking forward to brushing it out. Tonight we are getting together with friends to watch Wheel of Fortune. One of our friends is going to be on it tonight!

This is mostly pointless.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Big Girl

We had a birthday last week!  #1 turned 2 years old!

Sadly she was sick on her birthday.  We got her a new birthday dress to wear to church, and instead she stayed in her pajamas.

The day before her birthday we went to the zoo.  She is such a fan of the "Amnuls!"  Some of her favorites are the "Pengnnnns"  I didn't take many pictures, cause I was having fun with kids instead, but here is one.

I'm pretty sure I had the cutest girls at the zoo. 

Some of our friends joined us, and they are pretty lucky.  We saw a lot of animals being fed.  They knew all of the right questions to ask, so we were able to learn a lot.  Let's be honest, #1 didn't love that, cause she didn't care, but we found it interesting!

And here she is right before church today.  Man I love this girl. 

Or, if you would rather see her as she travels... You will be impressed by her great style. ;)

A few facts about my two year old.  Her blanket is a girl.  It is a pink blanket she got from one of her great aunts.  It's name is Dee Dee.  All other blankets are "nkets".  I don't know why her favorite has a special name.  Oh, and sometimes Dee Dee is bad.  She was scolded the other day and put in time out.  (Yeah, that happens to #1 too.)

She recently named her pillow.  His name is Charlie.  And yes it is a boy.  I don't know why his name is Charlie.  All other pillows are "Lloowws".  This silly girl.

Oh, and one more story.  About 5 moths ago I taught #1 how to snore when she is "sleeping".  Then when I do it, she says wake up!  And I wake up.  We did that for a week, and then I forgot about it.  At night when we say prayers we always say "help me to sleep through the night."  This is a struggle.  She used to repeat night.  Now instead she fake snores.  It is really hard not to laugh.

When we ride in my car, the girls are on opposite sides.  However, my car needed new breaks.  So, for a week, we used Hod's car.  Here the girls actually fit next to each other.  I wasn't sure how it would go, and sometimes it was less than pleasant.  (#1 liked to put her shoes on #2's face.)  But on Wednesday as I was driving home from dropping Hod off at work I heard giggling coming from the back seat.  They were holding hands and laughing at each other.  How cute is that!?!

I was in charge of my ward Halloween party.  As a result, I didn't get any pictures.  I feel like a slacker.  #1 was a princess.  I was a friendly witch.  A few nights later we went to a Halloween party, and I got a picture of Hod and #2.  They were Waldo and his kid sister Wanda.

#1 was not a princess that night because she couldn't play in her fancy dress.  I was not a friendly witch because I couldn't get down on the floor in my fancy outfit.  So we didn't actually look dressed up.  We were Annie and June from Little Einsteins.  I should have taken a picture.  But it is easy to repeat, so maybe I'll take a shot later and put it up.

Oh, and not to ruin any diets, but did you know this exists? You're welcome. Or sorry. Whichever you prefer.