Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Sunday night after the girls went to bed, I was sitting with Hod enjoying the quiet.  I had the thought that maybe I should paint my toenails.  But I was feeling lazy.  So I didn't.  This fit perfectly with my thoughts in the shower that morning about shaving my legs.  Lazy won then too.

I regret it.

Yesterday I was rushing #1 out into the main room.  She had stolen a toy from #2, and that is not ok.  I was holding both of her hands, doing an awkward waddle (cause she was walking between my feet) moving as quickly as possible.  It was not supposed a fun leisurely walk, she was being disciplined.  We just moved, and I don't have a perfect knowledge of where the walls are yet.  I mean, I can look at them, but you know how when you get comfortable you don't have to look at the walls to avoid running into them?  I'm not there yet.

As I rushed into the main room I hit the corner of the hallway.  And I hit it hard.  It threw me off balance and I accidentally pushed #1 to the floor as I started to fall.  As she hit the ground I could see a small area of ground that I could hit to avoid landing on my child.  I twisted and managed to avoid crushing her.  I hit the ground with a yell.  I was hurting.  #1 was crying because she fell and I had startled her.  #2 was screaming because I scared the daylights out of her when I yelled.  I was rolling on the floor in more pain than I remember being in for a long time.  I managed to crawl over to #1 and help her, and then crawled over the #2 to comfort her.

I texted Hod and told him I had broken my toe.  But then I had to be a mom, so I started walking.  What else could I do?  After a brief conversation I convinced Hod that I had over reacted and that I was going to be fine.  He convinced me to send him a picture of my foot.  I was trying not to look at it because it made me cry.  I'm kind of a baby.  Anyway, this is the picture I sent him.

This may not look too bad to you.  However, my second toe used to touch my big toe.  And that knuckle is super swollen.

I should have painted my toenails.

Later that night I decided we should probably go to Instacare.  I know that for toes they don't normally do much but tape it.  But it was so crooked I didn't want it to heal that way.  We went and they sent us down for x-rays.  I don't have a copy of my x-rays, but let me illustrate what it looked like for you.

See that pretty dark red line?  That is my break.  All the way through.

That is not what I expected.  

The entire time at Instacare I kept thinking, I really should have shaved my legs.  And painted my toenails.

Anyway, I'm pretty lucky.  I'm really not in much pain, and now I get to wear one of those super stylish boots for the next week!

Luckily Hod has today and tomorrow off so I can start to get used to being a mom with this awesome boot!

Life is always exciting at our house.

I really should have painted my toenails.  And shaved my legs.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


She rolled over! Finally!

Now she is crying on her stomach. I better go help her.