What's With The Buckets?

First, let's start the name of my blog. "I Need Buckets!" This is a phrase that I have now offically stolen from my sister L7 and her friend. Sometimes you meet people that you just need to have charity for. Not charity like "Salvation Army Santa ringing a bell out side of Wal Mart" charity. Charity like "I am so wanting to spit on you and kick you to get you to go away" charity. For times like this you don't need a little bit of charity. You need BUCKETS of charity. Sometimes many, MANY buckets. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common part of my life.   Here is where I vent about the times that I need buckets, and also keep all of you updated on my life.  (Cause I'm cool, and you care.  What, you do, otherwise you would't be here!)

Now, for my name: Paily. Paily as in Pail-y. As in another name for a bucket. We keep things as closely related as possible here.  As for the hubby:  Hod.  Also a name for a bucket.  As for the kid... well, there aren't that many names for buckets, so we have switched to numbers.

(And if anyone can tell me why the heck this is all highlighted, and or how to fix it, please let me know!)