Saturday, July 25, 2009

Great Nauvoo

Well, this week I have decided that pretty much my life rocks. I was able to spend 4 days in Nauvoo with my parents. Nauvoo is an amazing place with an amazing spirit. I was surprised at the little things that really touched my heart. I know, I try to be funny here, but I am going to play the deep card today.

Right behind the visitors center there is a garden with many statues. It is called the Monument to Women. Recently I've had a few conversations with a few of my male friends about women. I've read many talks by good men about the importance of women, and part of me agrees with what they say. Not to be cocky, but I do feel that women have a divine purpose. That we are equal with men. Unfortunately I haven't spent enough time with men who feel that way. I play drums. And I love that, but in the Drum world, if you are female, you have to be better than all of the boys to be seen as equal. You are not ever allowed to show weakness. As you work your hardest to be your best so you can be an equal, you also had to realize that this wouldn't earn you respect. It would just make it so you were no longer disrespected. Things have changed, but that is the world that I lived in for all four of my high school years. As a result, I have a hard time getting my heart to match up with the things my head is telling me. I know logically that women are as good as men, but my heart doesn't' quite believe it. But I had an amazing experience as I walked through this garden.As I walked through the beautiful flowers and saw all of the statues I had an overwhelming feeling of love come over me. I was doing nothing. I was just walking, but I felt loved. I didn't have to prove myself, I didn't have to compete, I didn't have to show my skills, I was just being me. Despite my lack of doing anything, I felt that I was good enough. That I truly have a divine purpose. That as a woman I have great worth. These are words that I have heard my entire life, but I actually felt it. I saw the statues portraying a woman's responsibility, and I was looking forward to experiencing the scenes depicted there. I knew that I could do what has been asked of me. I'm not perfect. I won't be perfect in this life, but I am good enough. I am good enough that my Heavenly Father will trust me to help bring his children back to him. It is a blessing to be a woman. I realize that many woman just have always understanded this. But I didn't. For once my heart finally agreed with my head. And it felt great.

The rest of my time in Nauvoo was similar. Over and over I felt the love that my Heavenly Father has for me. I was taught over and over that I am enough. That I have worth, and that I can succeed. I have very different struggles than the great pioneers that you learn about there. But they are real struggles. And I can grow and learn and progress from letting the Lord help me through them. I feel very blessed to finally know this.

Maybe a blog isn't the right place to share this. But I do realize that all eight of my followers are people close to my heart. I don't really figure that anyone else will read this, and I know that you will all respect me. To some this is a little thing, but to me this knowledge makes quite a difference. I really do have a great life!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy Busy Life

Greetings from Paily!

Ok, so I don't really have much to say again. I'm just going crazy!

This last week I was able to be an EFY counselor. It pretty much rocked my knee highs. I had quite a few late nights during the week. I was able to see the midnight release of Harry Potter 6. That was great fun. Well, until it got over and I looked at my friend and said, I have an EFY meeting in 5 hours... yeah. Blast. I also had a late night DTR with my Scuttle friend. Well, now he's my Scuttle Boyfriend. That's pretty nice. Then I spent 7 hours in the Dallas Airport on my way to vacation! Life is great and I having a blast with my business!

Yep this is short, details to follow if anyone is after them.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friends, Holidays, and Snack Food

Hello Bucket friends! How are you all? I have a ton-o-thoughts running around my head. (Anyone else think that sounds strangely like some sort of carnival ride? Ton-O-Thoughts.... Hmmm...)

This week I was able to go see one of my dear friends. He is entering the MTC on Wed. That is so soon! This friend... who really needs some sort of name... let's call him... Archie. I don't know why we are calling him Archie, but that is what I picked. Anyway, Archie and I met at the MTC. He was my district leader. Does that seem confusing? That he was my district leader in the MTC, but he is going back to the MTC on Wed? Yeah, it is kind of strange. Archie went to the MTC, actually went to NY with me, and then for multiple reasons went home. He's been through a lot in the past 3 years, but he decided to go back. It hasn't been an easy process, but he got another mission call (to the NYRM) and he is about to leave. Can I just share how much I love friends? I had the chance to go and visit him and do lunch. My cute niece (who some call Sweetie) was with me. We had a wonderful 2 hour conversation about missions, doctrine, prayer, repentance, good talks, faith promoting experiences and the like. I am so excited for Archie. He is going to have an amazing time. Heavenly Father really does know what is supposed to happen when. His timing is perfect. And I am glad that he has control over my life.

I've also been able to spend a lot of time with family in the last 2 weeks. Aren't they great? I am always amazed at how wonderful all of my family members are. I feel very blessed.

And on a totally unrelated note: I am overly addicted to some snack foods. Ritz crackers and Utz Cheese Puffs to be exact. I mean, I like other foods too, but those are my current addictions. For an example on how I like to eat them, I turn you to the great wisdom who is Brian Regan.