Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Don't Think That is What They Meant

As many of you know, it is a common thing for pregnant woman to be slightly unaware of their bodies.  They used to fit through a spot *this* big, and now they need a spot *TTTTHHHHIIIISSSSS* big.  Because this happens so quickly, we tend to be a bit klutzy as we adjust to our every changing bodies.

I haven't had too much of a problem so far.  Then today I had a crazy klutzy moment that hurt!  But not what you think.

My pierced ears have become quite sensitive since becoming pregnant.  As a result, I need to normally wear my very high quality earrings.  These tend to be quite expensive, so I only own one pair; my studs.  I put them in, and forget about them, wearing them for weeks at a time.

This morning as I was combing my hair, I caught my earring and ripped it out of my ear with my comb.  I've had my ears pierced for a year, and I've NEVER done something like that.

I would like to blame it on my ever changing body that I can't keep track of... but I'm pretty sure pregnancy hasn't changed the placement of my ears.

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Ricky and Sara Johnson said...

Ouch!! I hope you are ok. I miss you terribly and I hope that I can see you if I make it down for Katie's birth.