Monday, June 6, 2011

I May Have Gone A Little Crazy

Life.  It's been busy!  Let me share with you:

May 28th we moved.  I was SO grateful for the help we had.  I was very nervous about this move, because you see, we were moving into a second floor apartment, which isn't too bad.  However, when you add in the fact that I'm pregnant and I'm not supposed to lift anything over about 20 lbs, and my husband had a surgery scheduled for the next week to repair a hernia so he wasn't supposed to lift, and my Dad is great and pretty strong, but he is over seventy, I was just really worried.  However, with 3 great guys from our new ward, and L5 and L7 we got it all moved in just under sixty minutes!  It was great!

Then I should have unpacked, but instead I went with my sisters to a baby *edit for accuracy, I guess I really am crazy* bridal shower.  My dear Mom took her moving job seriously so when I got home that night I had a bed all set up and made for me to sleep in!  (Thanks Mom!)

Sunday I didn't unpack.

Monday was a holiday, so I didn't unpack.

Tuesday I worked, so I didn't unpack.

Wednesday Hod and I spent a lot of time shopping to get things for our apartment, and things he would need for his surgery the next day.  I'm pregnant and tire easily, so I didn't unpack.

Thursday Hod had his surgery.  MAN do I have some funny stories about that.  These will come later.  But for the sake of this post, just know that there was still no unpacking.

Friday was another day of trying to take care of my heavily medicated husband, so I didn't unpack.  Then my dear friend came to visit and spend the night.  She was kind enough to not complain about sleeping amongst boxes.

Saturday, more taking care of hod.  Still no unpacking.

Sunday, I started my potential career as a urologist.  And I didn't unpack.  OH, but then my dishwasher flooded so we had to clean that up and all of my dishes were still dirty.

Today, more Dr stuff for Hod, and still no unpacking.

Pretty much I need to get busy!  Today I am crazy.  Really.  Ask Hod.  He was crazy for 3 days and it's like I felt left out or something.

And that is my life!  More details to follow:)


Alicia Yvonne said...

yes, more details soon please! :)

Happy Mom said...

The unpacking unschmacking, meh. It's overrated!