Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Is That?

I remember hearing rumors when I was a single lady.  I heard once that a man's razor gives you a closer shave.  Through price checking, I found that they usually cost more, so I dismissed this rumor.  I mean, really, a close shave is really good for a man.  However, a man shaves around 5% of his body.  A woman shaves closer to 50%.  So WHY would they not make a really good close shave razor for women?

Then I got married.  We stayed in two different hotels on our honeymoon, and I accidentally left my razor at the first.  Hod is a kind, sharing man and he had 2 razors so he let me use one.  Great Wheat Thins!  The rumor was right!  The man's razor is so much better!  For quite a while, I used Hod's razor.  Then, because we were moving to FL (but we didn't) and because he was having some skin problems under his arms (TMI?) Hod decided to start shaving his armpits.  I was in full support of this, cause I have always thought armpit hair was gross.  I mean, really, I know they wash it, but armpits in general are gross.  Now lets add hair to collect all of the grossness.

So then we started sharing.  No problem.  Til we found out that Hod is allergic to the body wash I use.  So, it's back to me using my own.  We went to buy me one, and I wondered if maybe my memory was bad.  A woman's razor can't be that bad, can it?  I got a woman's razor, cause it's cute and I'm a girl.

And I'm sorely disappointed.  I'm sure many of you are just thinking, ok, so go buy a man's.  However, I have about 7 spare blades for this razor, and I hate wasting things.

My question is this:  WHY are men's razors so superior?  All I know, is it's a bummer.  


Caryn Allen said...

I bought myself a man's razor two years ago after a similar story. I will NEVER go back!

Laree said...

What kind of women's did you buy? If it's the kind I use, I'll buy the replacement blades from you, and you can get your man razor!