Friday, June 17, 2011

What's With The Pitiful Face?

Good-Golly-Hormones, Batman!

I've heard that there are crazy hormones that go with the pregnancy.  I've been a bit more ... volatile since becoming pregnant.  I've been feeling extremes.  However, there has been a pretty intense lack of tears.  I've never been a crier.  According to my sisters, I'm the heartless one in the family.  This week I have proved them wrong.

This week I've cried about 10 times.  Some of it was real, and for good reason: like hitting the due date thing.  Most of it was pointless: like running out of salt in the salt shaker.  (Don't you worry, there was more in the cupboard.)  The only somewhat redeeming part has been that Hod is working so much to provide for us, that he hasn't had to witness the majority of these breakdowns.  I'm really hoping that this is a temporary thing.  I'm sure it will happen again, but I am really hoping that this will stop for a while.  Cause if I cry twice a day for the next 20 weeks, I'm going to be really bugged.


The Wride's said...

I remember I cried because I wanted chocolate.. but it wasn't just a cry it was a complete break down! haha! that was the worst of the pregnancy hormones for me!
Hang in there and hopefully it won't last long! Can't wait to hear what the gender is! :)

Caryn Allen said...

Hahaha it's great, isn't it? The hormones just get worse as the pregnancy goes on. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but once you give birth, your hormones go crazy all over again and it takes about 6 months for them to even come close to leveling out. Hang in there!!

Kara said...

hey! so I've been meaning to comment but haven't until now, so here's a really long comment to make up for it, and I'm not even sure if you'll remember me much because it's been a Way long time since girl scouts, hasn't it? But my sister told me you had this blog so I became a reader and I love hearing your stories and it's good to know you're still as awesome as I remember you, and congratulations on the little one, and good luck with the hormones...I'm almost starting to sort of get used to the craziness/awesomeness of motherhood and I have 3 boys now..maybe one of these days I'll have it all put together

Anyway, keep up the awesomeness. Yay for technology that helps me track down people I haven't seen forever. Maybe we'll see you sometime though. It's a small world-I see you know my friend Caryn who I met when we moved to Missouri. Ya never know where you might end up, huh?