Monday, December 29, 2008


So, there was this holiday thing... Yeah, I'm tired. I did finally make it home safely. First CRH bought me some soft, dry socks and I may have cried a little, and I had to call my Dad to drive me the last 2 hours. I was just too tired and sick of bad roads. But it all worked out.

Then my family went up to our summer home. That's cool. TONS of snow, but also a lot of fun. Unfortunately we had to reenter the real world. My car, good old Hex is due for registration. I went to go get a safety inspection, and failed. As in I need two new tires, and some rod thingy that does stuff. Obviously I don't speak car. Now I understand why the drive home was so bad. Actually, the mechanic was surprised that we made it that far. This rod thingy-ma-jiggy makes it so your tires wear evenly. If it is worn out like mine is then your tires don't wear evenly, and death occurs. (Hey, CRH, remember the Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah that we found so fun and delightful? That was actually the sound of death... That's a whole new perspective, eh?)

This is a fun way to end the holiday. $350. I feel like I was just mugged while singing Christmas Carols. I know I may not have the best voice, but really, do you have to beat me up like that? Just you wait, Henry Higgens. You'll get yours!

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