Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Start of All Things Buckets!

Well. Here we go. I have officially joined the world of blogging. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Oh well. I have decided that I Paily, need a place where I can vent. And laugh. And just be totally random without caring what other people think. So on to all of that:

First, let's start the name of my blog. "I Need Buckets!" This is a phrase that I have now offically stolen from my sister L7 and her friend. Sometimes you meet people that you just need to have charity for. Not charity like "Salvation Army Santa ringing a bell out side of Wal Mart" charity. Charity like "I am so wanting to spit on you and kick you to get you to go away" charity. For times like this you don't need a little bit of charity. You need BUCKETS of charity. Sometimes many, MANY buckets. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common part of my life. So, being the Mormon I am, I don't cuss. But when the cussing desire arises, you will hear me say BUCKETS! Hense the title of my blog.

Now, for my name: Paily. Paily as in Pail-y. As in another name for a bucket. We keep things as closely related as possible here.

To anyone who may actually read this someday:

I need your help. I know, I'm cynical. I'm sarcastic. But sometimes I can take it too far. I will do my best to help keep things anonomous. Heck, I'm not even telling anyone that I'm starting this... Ok, I told one friend (you know who you are, feel special... we shall call her L9) But let's be honest, my family and friends are pretty darn smart. So they could figure out this is me. Anyway, the part I need help with is: If I get to personal, or if I get too mean, please, let me know. Then I can apologize quickly. Crow tastes better warm... or something like that. (but seriously, when does crow actually taste good ever? It's not really a warm fuzzy, friendly like bird). And on that note. Welcome to the land of Buckets!

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