Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mad Skills Like a Tenth Grader

There are a few of you that read my blog along with my good friend CRH's. You all probably saw her post about her students and kid's safety scissors. She couldn't understand how they always cut themselves. I totally agree...ed. Yep, it's past tense. Let me tell you a story.

Today, being the cool, amazing, wonderful, and humble aunt I am, I was getting my nephew's present ready to mail. I carefully taped up the box making it look oh, so beautiful. But my scissors kept sticking. The tape was leaving residue on them. That made it so they didn't cut as well, and then it didn't look as pretty. And really, it's all about the looks here. Seeing this horrible condition, I set to clean them off.

Unfortunately, sometimes the inside of my bucket is cluttered so it is hard to form coherent thoughts. That appeared to be the problem today. I was just using my thumb to clean off all of the gooey grossness, when I learned a life changing fact: Kid's scissors are sharp! It's true. I cut my thumb. Not bad... it only bled a little. But it's ok. I have super cool Strawberry Shortcake band-aids. I know, you're jealous. Well, if you cut yourself with kids scissors, then I will be sure to share!

I think that there may be some false advertising. Why do they have the name "Safety" scissors? It makes them seem so harmless. Tell that to my bleeding thumb. :( I might be maimed for life. It's tragic. Really. Trust me on this one. Are you convinced yet?

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Laree said...

"You know, there are people in this world with real problems" . . . . Love ya!