Thursday, December 4, 2008

I should have Been a Psychic.

You like I how I just posted a fairly positive ... post? (how many times can you use the word post in a sentence?) Yeah, that's not all you get today. I shall now shpeel again. I know, you're excited.

I'm a receptionist at a random company. I work with funny people that are very different than the type of people I grew up with. Hmmm could I be more vague? Probably not.

Anyway, we have over 15 phone lines here. So that means that at any time 15 different employees can be calling to order a pizza, ask a work related question, or learn the weather (*Tell Me*). Hence the need for Psychic abilities.

At least once a day, I get a call from someone completely random. They don't know what this company does. They just got a call, and redialed. And they expect me to know who called them and what they want. Now if we worked back in the days of switch boards, and I got to wear the cool set of head phones and move plugs around all day, THEN I might actually know what they are talking about. Nine times out of ten, the conversation ends with the dude on the phone saying something like "Oh, well I think they left me a message... maybe I should check that..."


I mean.... ~ahem~ "Why, yes... Sit right down and the amazing Ms. Paily will tell your future, answer all of your deepest questions, and know what the other 30 people in the office are doing, thinking and calling at all times. Just let me consult my Magic 8 Ball..."

I have two words for you: VOICE MAIL! Try it! It works!

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