Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hexadecimal... the Necessary Evil.

I have a beast of a car. Ok, it's not that bad. I drive a full size 99 Ford Taurus. It could totally be worse. I could be driving around in a little red wagon with a lawn mower motor attached. Actually, that sounds kind of fun. Anyone know where I could get one of those?

Sorry, I digress.

I really enjoy naming cars. I think it's fun. It took me a very long time to name this one. Then one day it just hit me. Hexadecimal. Those of you who know me, will remember that as a 10 year old, I had quite the obsession with the cartoon ReBoot. I had emotional turmoil for weeks after Bob died. (And then ABC stopped carrying the show. I went years wondering if Bob was deleted, or if he had somehow made it into the Net, or if he was even trying to make it back to Main Frame. Really, it was tragic.) Ok, maybe I had emotional turmoil for years. I get really attached... so sue me.

ANYWAY (today seems to be the day of tangents) Hexadecimal is one of the villains of this amazing cartoon. She is a virus. Oh, did I mention the fact that the entire cartoon takes place in a computer? I know, pretty cool, eh? She was one scary chick! Here is a picture of her. Don't let her looks fool you. In her right hand she is holding a mask. You want to meet an unstable lady? This would be it. That mask could put her in any sort of mood. Some sweet, some very scary. She scared the bejeebers out of me as a kid. Really. She was scary. Actually, she's still not my favorite.

So, why did I name my car after this beautiful, yet super scary lady? Well, you see, the entire show, Hex is trying to take over Main Frame. And get Bob. It seems she had a little crush. Oh, tender. Although, Bob really was kind of dreamy. Tall, handsome, always coming in to save the day, attractive blue skin... all the things a girl could want in life. Sorry, doing it again. I may have ADD. Bob and his other good guy friends are always keeping Hex at bay and trying to control her, or delete her. They actually kind of succeed at one point. Then the real problems start. The whole system starts to crash! Their world is ending. It seems that Hex was actually a very important part of their system. She was a necessary evil. So they go find her, and get her back, and the system celebrates, and everyone has fun. It may have been the coolest party ever.

That is the story of my car. She works for me. Sometimes she scares the bejeebers out of me. Ok, it's more like all of the other scary TX drives scare me, but Hex is always at the scene of the crime. My system would crash without her. But she sure eats up a lot of my dough. I just had to pay quite a bit of money to get her fixed. So, Hex... Here's to you. All 143,000 miles, and a large amount of weight, size and turmoil. I love ya, but I hate you. You are my friendly, bi-polar virus. Thanks for coming! And could you be a little nicer next time? Yeah, that would be cool. Thanks, dude.

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