Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aw, Man!

Hod is pretty fashionable.  And being stylish is quite important to him.  Apparently a very popular stylish look for men is jewelry.  Specifically leather bracelets.  As long as I have known Hod, he has had a leather "cuff".  (I guess that's a thick leather bracelet?  I don't really know.)

Now, something you should know about me, if you don't already, is I didn't really grow up with boys.  My dear brother L1, has lived 1500 miles away my entire life.  I was raised with 3 great sisters... but they are severely lacking in man-ness. My Dad didn't even wear his wedding ring while I was growing up.  That would be the construction man in him.  It just wasn't safe.  Then in high school I started to become friends with some boys... and my best guy friend then was totally into mechanics and such.  So, he didn't wear any sort of jewelry either.

As a result of all of this, the idea of a guy wearing bracelets was just strange.  But Hod loves his cuff.  I used to REALLY hate it.  I mean, it was masculine and all that, but it's so big!  I don't do big jewelry, so why should he?  But he wears it with attitude, and pulls it off.  However, Hod is quite aware of my dislike of this cuff.

Today, Hod was running late for work.  Right after he got to work, he called me to tell me that he lost his cuff somewhere outside, and he wanted me to go look for it.  So I did.  And I didn't find it.  And now I have guilt. I just need to learn to never complain about something I don't like.  Cause now that it's gone, I feel like it's my fault.  And I should be sad about it, cause Hod loves it, and yet... I'm kind of glad.

But now, it could look like I "lost" it.  That is such a bummer.  Blast!

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Kaylee said...

Personally, the leather cuff is the one piece of man jewelry that I really, really love. I wish I could wear a leather cuff. I LOVE leather jewelry.

Yes, I am weird.