Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life As We Know It

Hey, Yo's.

Here's a quick update on us.  We are living at the hospital.  Literally.  Hod an I are sleeping on an air mattress supported by couch cushions and a few foam pads.  This allows me to go and feed #1 at all sorts of odd hours of the night.  It's a mixed blessing.

#1 will be able to come home once she can gain weight by eating orally.  She currently has a feeding tube.  This is because she couldn't eat enough to give her enough energy to eat enough, to give her enough energy to eat enough... and so on.

Because #1 is so tired, it takes her quite a while to eat.  As a result, I get to sleep for 90 min intervals.  This results in a very tired Paily.

But we have made some new friends in the NICU.  And we love some of #1's nurses.  And someday, I'll be able to sleep in my bed again.

Thanks for caring!

Oh, and just so you can see a face... Here is #1.  This picture was taken when she was 4 days old.


Alicia Yvonne said...

I simply adore this picture of her :)

Kaylee said...

I LOVE that picture :) And not only do I love the picture, but seeing that picture right next to the ultrasound picture just blew my mind! I know it's the same baby, but the fact that you can see all that on an ultrasound is just incredible. :) LOVE HER! Love you :)

The Wride's said...

Oh my word! She is absolutely GORGEOUS! Your guys are in our prayers!

Sadie said...

You have a perfect little angel. It'll be one happy day when you can finally bring her home and get yourselves to your own bed. We're so excited for you and your cute little baby!

Laree said...

I'm so happy to finally see a picture!

And I feel your pain for the whole eating thing. We never got there with our #1, but really worried about it. And yes, I so understand the whole no sleep part! She HAD to eat every 2.5 hours, but it took a full 45 minutes to wake her up enough to actually eat, so I too did the 90 minute sleep deal!

but I'm excited to meet her in a month!