Monday, November 28, 2011


Well... it's been about 5 months since I talked about big changes.  So of course that means its time for more changes in my life!

Here is where we are now:

Hod got a promotion!  This is great!  We should actually be able to be contributing members of society now.  With this promotion comes a move.  Yep, for the 3rd time we are moving.  Only this time, we are moving with a newborn.  That is a bit stressful.  Want to hear what makes it more stressful?

Hod is moving tomorrow.  I don't get to move til Dec 15th.  That means I am packing up the entire apartment by myself.  Well... myself and any poor sap who I can convince to help me.  So much to do!

But this is good.  We have been hoping for this for a very long time.  And now it is here!  So crazy!

But #1 is doing pretty well.  She has some GERD, but we're taking care of that.  And she's super cute.. so who can complain!


Laree said...

oh, maybe I can helpv pack when I come to play!

Happy Mom said...

Oh the joys of mothering! The first time it REALLY hit me how hard being the mom is was the first time I was so sick I wanted to die. I had two kids by then and after Dean left for work, those two sweet boys still had needs and expectations. As I changed diapers and fixed food and could hardly stand, I thought "When you feel like this you're supposed to go to bed and be waited on." Yet, no one came to help and I just had to make it through the day regardless of raunchy I felt.

It's such a good thing that there are uber joys to mothering too!!

So glad #1 is happier!