Wednesday, November 30, 2011

She's Back!

*Warning- this post contains some details about #1's bathroom habits... if that's TMI for you then I would advise skipping.*

#1 has been home for about 3 weeks.  In that time she has gone from sweet baby to Miss Ornery pants.  She is currently being treated for GERD, and that's cool.  But it only seemed to be helping a little bit.  In the past week #1 has gone from being ornery for an hour a night to 5-12 hours a night.  It didn't matter what Hod or I did, she just wasn't going to be happy.

Add in the fact that Hod is now living 52 miles away because of his new job and I am packing up our apartment and then going to join him.  This was making the ornery daughter thing much harder.  I had no one to give me a break.  EVER.

A few days ago I realized that #1 wasn't having wet diapers as often as she should.  She wasn't eating less... she was just getting rid of it less.  I figured it was because when she would cry and scream for hours on end, she would get really hot and sweaty.  So that's where the liquid was going.

Then today, #1 had her first blowout diaper.  And it was a mess!  I have never seen such a wet, messy, blowout diaper.  Seriously, it was the most disgusting diaper ever. My sweet girl turned ornery had some major diarrhea.  This was very new to me, so I called the Dr.

I was told to give her Pedialyte on a somewhat regular basis.  Oh, and to change her formula.  So, on my way to Wal-mart I went.  Not so fun when you have an ornery, sick little girl!

I got the stuff I needed, and as I was leaving the baby section I saw something.

Now, I have been wondering if #1 had a touch of colic.  I just had no answer for why she has been so unconsolable!  She wouldn't sleep in her own bed, and she would scream for hours and hours.  Someone had recommended to me that I try giving her Gripe Water to help with the colic.  As I was leaving the baby section at Wal-mart I saw some.  I've been beyond tired and desperate to do something to help.

And MAN does it seem to be helping!  Since giving her some 5 hours ago, she has been sleeping!  AND she has been sleeping in her own bed.  AND when she wakes up, she does it without screaming! It's like heaven.  I can't even tell you how happy I am about this whole situation.  It may be temporary, but for now, my girl is resting, I'm happier, and my sweet, un-ornery girl is back!

I sure missed her!

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CBC said...

I don't doubt its been working for you...but from what I've heard, gripe water has no definite recipe....therefore I don't know if its actually what is helping #1....Just thought you might like to know.