Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome. Now Learn The Language

I personally feel that if you move to a new place, it is a courtesy to learn the language of the natives so you can properly communicate.

In my naive state I thought that meant that #1 would be learning my language.  I thought she was the new resident, so she would be learning my language.  She has informed me that I am mistaken.

This is how it usually goes at my house.

#1: "aaaahhhuuuuggggeeeeeooooooaaaaa"

Me:  "Well, Hello!  Are you telling me a story?"

*Crickets Chirping*

Another example:

#1: "eeeeaaaahhhhhooooooiiiiii!"

Me: "ooooeeeeaaaaggggghhhheeeee!"

Smiles, and a continuation of the conversation.

Apparently I am the one who needs to learn the language.

1 comment:

Grandma Nelson said...

Why should she learn your language when you are doing such a great job with hers? Besides the fact that she's still a little young. Have you tried ASL? If she's reaching for things, she may be willing to try some words.