Thursday, April 26, 2012

6 Months Later

Exactly 6 months, 2 hours, and 7 minutes ago I was driving myself to the hospital to deliver my girl.  Seventeen hours later I met her.

The delivery was a difficult one, and though in many ways she was beautiful... the stress of what she had just been through kind of did a number on her.  It was rough on all of us involved.

I realize that her 6 month birthday is tomorrow, but I honestly thought that she was going to be born on the 26th.

This girl has been through a lot. 2 weeks in the NICU, another 2 weeks on at home oxygen.  3 weeks after that we moved.  And on Saturday we are moving again.  Her Dad spent a week in the hospital, our family has changed for the better, and she has one of the sweetest spirits.  Strangers are always telling me how cute, alert, and aware she is.  I agree.

*Why, Yes, I did eat some good food.  Shall I pose with it all over my face?*

(I'm SO glad the swelling from the birthing process was temporary.)  She loves life, loves her food, and loves her family.  What a blessing this girl is!

On an unrelated note, have you seen this blog?  It makes me cry a little.  Daughters are pretty amazing, and Dads of daughters are just cute.


Miss Nelson said...

She sure is one amazing, sweet little angel! Maybe it has something to do with her angel parents! Love that pic, by the way! SO CUTE!!

Leann Nelson said...

Happy 6 months! She just makes me smile!! Love you guys lots!

Grandma Nelson said...

She was beautiful then, she is beautiful now. What a great family.