Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let's Make This A Habit

#1 has never been a great sleeper.  I often hear friends with younger babies talking about how their kid sleeps through the night.  The past 3 nights, #1 has slept for a 4 hr chunk, then a 3, then a 2, then a 1.  I haven't gotten this much sleep since she was born.

She is also a lousy napper.  (She doesn't put herself to sleep, cause I haven't taught her that yet... I'm not quite ready.)  I get her to sleep, and if I move more than about 1 inch, she wakes up.  Always.  This means that I can never move back to her crib to put her down.  I can sometimes put her on the couch, but then she wakes up within 20 min.  I try so hard to not hold her while she sleeps, but it happens more often then I would care to admit.  Sure, it means I don't get anything done, but it means I don't have an ornery, overly tired baby either.

About 90 min ago, #1 fell asleep in my arms as I sat on the couch.  I needed to be able to be noisy, so I knew she needed to be in her crib.  I stood up... and she stirred but didn't wake.  I walked back to her room... and she didn't wake.  I put her down... and she stayed asleep!

This has never happened before.

(Of course, I just heard her make a sound on the baby monitor... but I'll still take it!)

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Happy Mom said...


The no sleep at night and not being able to get anything done is precisely why we decided we had to just get through it and teach David how to sleep. It was a rough two days, but once we got through that, it was pure bliss, and I wondered why we hadn't done it months ago!

Sleep is a beautiful thing!