Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's Working!

#1 is pretty awesome.  In SO many ways, she is above average for development.  (I'm not just a bragging mom, the Social Worker who saw her, and her Dr's tell me so.)  But in one way, she has been falling behind.

She won't reach for things.  It doesn't matter what I temp her with.  I've tried bright things, loud things, shiny things, soft things, flashing things, fuzzy things.  Unless it is literally 1/8th of an inch from her hands, she is not going to touch it.  Her arms seem a little bit useless.  She is like the T-Rex from... well lots of things.  Meet the Robinsons, and lots of current comics.  Great legs, big head, and little useless arms.  I've been very concerned.  When we do tummy time, her legs are so strong, and her arms are so weak, that she can push herself with her legs, but her head and arms just drag along behind her.  So not cool.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my sister who has a daughter in speech therapy about my concerns.  She gave me some tips to help her, and it's starting to work!  After hours and hours of forcing her to reach for things, and almost driving both of us crazy (cause sometimes she REALLY didn't want to cooperate) she has started to reach.  At first it was for long hair (which I don't have...) and then necklaces (I've been wearing a lot of jewelry lately, hoping to tempt her) and now toys.  Not always.  Most times, she'd rather just ignore it, but it is starting.  I'm so glad!

(In other news, we are moving... again!  This makes 5 different houses since Hod and I got married 20 months ago.  But we are planning on this one lasting longer than our 4 month average.)


Laree said...

Hooray for progress!

That sister sounds simply BRILLAINT and you should buy her a scoop of ice cream next time you see her!)

Miss Nelson said...

Awesome!! Maybe you should tempt her with chocolate. Pretty sure it that would work for me! J/K!

Jamie Younker said...

Three cheers for progress... and holy cow I can't believe you are moving again. You must have packing down to a science now. Where to now?