Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Have Skills!

Being a Mom is pretty great.  But there is one skill that until today, I had been unable to master.

You see, because of a medicine I was on when #1 was born, she had to be a bottle baby.  That's just the way it is.  Oh well.  I have gotten SO fast at making bottles.  This is out of necessity.  Hod is most often gone working so we can have a roof over our heads.  (Thanks, Hod!)  This means when a bottle is running out, and #1 is still hungry, I can't send someone to hurry and make a bottle before she finishes the one she is eating.  This results in an ornery #1 who is extra upset because not only is she unable to eat right at that moment, but I actually had the nerve to put her down in order to make her a new bottle.  My speed has increased as I worked to improve efficiency in order to minimize the crying time.

Today, our lives were changed.  I don't know if I have just become more coordinated, or if suddenly #1 has overcome the natural floppy-ness that comes with being a newborn, but I can now make a bottle while holding my baby!  This does slow me down greatly, but #1 cries much less because she is able to be held instead of ignored in her time of hunger.

And slowly, the Bucket Family is becoming more like a real family with gown up parents who know how to do simple things.  I feel pretty good about it.

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