Monday, April 16, 2012

Can You Feel It?

That is a phrase I grew up hearing.  I wish I could explain how it was usually said.  It was something like CANyou fEEEEEL IT?  I have no idea where it came from, or why it was said like that.

#1 feels a lot.  When another baby cries, it's like she has sympathy for them.  She will normally get really quiet for a minute, and look around with concern.  Then if the crying continues, she will start to join in.  Not because she is scared, but because she is concerned.  If we are in a place with a lot of energy she is always very alert, and (for quite a while) seems to lose the need to sleep.  It's like she can feed off of the energy.  When we're having fun with friends or family, she kicks, smiles, and squeals.  If Hod and I watch a tense movie together she whimpers like she is concerned.

This has changed me a lot.  I have always been a person who feels emotions quickly, and strongly.  That doesn't work with #1.  I've had to find ways to quickly expel all negative emotions so to not stress out the kid.  It's pretty useful.

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Grandma Nelson said...

Way to tune in on your precious little ones needs. She is a lucky girl to have such great parents,