Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome to America

Ready for some good, old ranting?  Cause here we go.

I like hot chocolate.  Really.  It's quite delightful.  But I have an issue.  WHY in the WORLD are the directions always in ounces?  I mean, come on!  Now, I know that 8 ounces is one cup.  But most directions are for 6 ounces.  Yes, I can do simple math, and I know that 6 ounces would just be 3/4 a cup.  BUT what if I was only 7?  There are many 7 year olds who want to make themselves hot chocolate.  But they can't, cause they have no idea what to do with the ounces.

OH, and ounces.  Who do they think they are?  Why can they be a weight and a volume?  That is so not fair.  I can't be a weight and a volume.  What makes ounces so special?   So, do they want 6 ounces of water in weight or volume? Get off your high horse.

But back to the chocolate.  I've checked, and all hot chocolate I have digested in the past year was made in America.  America, we don't do things logically here.  No meters, or centimeters, or ounces for me.  Give me my confusing feet, inches, yards and CUPS!  7 year-olds of the USA unite!  Let's take down the powdered hot chocolate factories so we can measure in cups!  I'll be hosting a rally to get this all going at my place, yesterday, at 6:00.  Be there, or have to handle measuring in ounces for the rest of your life.

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Happy Mom said...

I agree, they should either stick with cups or go metric (which would be smarter, but I confess I don't want to do 'cuz I don't understand it as well)

I, too, adore hot chocolate. I just bought the fixins for Glenn Beck's coma hot chocolate and I'm gonna make it with my kids!

The recipe is here: