Saturday, February 20, 2010

'Till The Meat Is Gone

Last night was a good night!  I went to dinner with my roomie (Whom L7 has told me I should call Ska-link-a-lot or SLAL for short) and her cousins.  I wondered if this would be awkward for me... Crashing the family dinner and all, but it was great!

We went to a new place in my town and it was all about the meat and the music.  I know, random, but that's what it was.  We were able to sit at this great tall table, and just laugh all night.  They have 30 different kinds of Rood Beer there.  The one I chose even had extract of sassafras in it.  I guess that is a normal ingredient in real Root Beer.  Who knew?  I just think it's cool to say I had a drink with sassafras in it.  I've been told that I can be quite the sassafras.  Anyway, it was a great drink.

We had a great waiter.  We shall call him Chuck.  Mostly because that is a cut of meat, and really, it was all about the meat.  Chuck was fun, and quite attentive.  Even when I was weird and had him go get me some of their wing sauce.  I've just been craving Buffalo wings for 2 years now.  I'm on a search, but I'm also cheap.  So I try the sauce and see if it's close before I order wings.  This wasn't it.  At one point, we asked Chuck what his name was.  He told us to call him Julio or something like that, and then he tossed his name tag at us.  SLAL tossed it in a little box on our table and he walked away.

Let's be honest.  Chuck was quite the attractive fellow.  According to CRH flirting with a waiter is a perfectly acceptable way to help yourself get over a break up.  So, I did.  At least that's what SLAL says.  I never know when I'm flirting.  But she said I did quite nicely.  I decided to wear Chuck's name tag.  Why not?  I put it on, and he came over, and didn't notice.  This happened all night.  I'm just sitting there with a name tag on, enjoying my brisket and laughing with the girls.  The laughter may have increased quite a bit when one cousin tried to impale herself in the forehead with a straw.

Through the course of the evening, it became apparent that Chuck wasn't going to come back for his name tag.  So I hatched a plan.  SLAL was totally on board with me.  The plan was to steal the name tag.  Then on our receipt leave a ransom note with my phone number to get it back.  Yes, I was in a very crazy mood.  Chuck was cute, and I'm single, so why not?  I have a previous potential scuttle who was a waiter.  So I asked him if that would be creepy.  He told me to go for it.  That was the master plan!  I got pretty nervous, but decided it was going to happen.

But it didn't.  He finally remembered his name tag.  Chuck couldn't find his name tag once he tried.  Really, he looked all over the table, he looked high, he looked low, but he never looked at our shirts.  Once we told him where it was, he commented that he doesn't look at ladies in that location.  Oh, Chuck is a nice guy.  Because I was no longer in possession of the name tag, I chickened out.  But that's ok.  There are much better ways to meet men.  And it wouldn't have been fair to Chuck, cause it totally would have been a rebound date.  But I did discover that flirting with a waiter is a lot of fun!


Aubrey's Outlet said...

This was for sure one of my favorite niight in a long time! Chuck was a nice chap! To bad he has to move on and do lots of great thigns with his life so soon! YOU could always show up at the Comedy Show!!! Well I am so glad you came with us! This is SLAL saying you rock and have a great day!

Happy Mom said...

FUN story!!! You make me happy!

Grandma Nelson said...

That's my girl. I love the laughter, smiles, and crazyness. Have a wonderful trip.