Friday, February 12, 2010

Be The Match

Hello Friends!

Today I added a new sticker to my blog.  It's all about being the match.  Be The Match is the slogan for the National Marrow Donor Program.  I'm pretty passionate about this.  It all started when L7 did a speech about it for her public speaking class.  She was away at college, and I was in the same course in High School.  I desperately needed a topic for my speech, and she was willing to share with me.

Bone marrow donations are used to help cure different cancers.  Actually, one of my next-door-neighbors from my childhood received a bone marrow transplant on Saturday.  Having lost a bother to cancer when I was fifteen I want to do anything I can to help people with this horrid disease.  Bone marrow wouldn't have saved him, he didn't have the right type, but it can save someone else.  I have personally seen and experienced the horrible sorrow from losing a loved one this way.  So, I can't just sit here when I may be able to give something. I've only been on the registry for 2 years.  L7 has been on closer to 10.  Neither of us have heard anything since, but I hope someday I get a call.  I hope someday I can safe a life.  There is a cost for getting on the registry.  The fact is, it's an expensive process.  When L7 joined it was $100.  When I did, it was closer to $50.  But it's worth it.  And getting on the registry is totally painless.  You get online at the NMDP answer a bunch of questions, and then they will mail you a kit.  This kit has a bunch of cotton swabs that you wipe in your mouth.  Then you mail it back.  Totally painless and quick.

So think about it.  It's a great program, and every person on the list helps a little more.  It's great!

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