Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Not So Imaginary Friends

How strange is life?  Obviously I have a blog.  (Yes, that's what this is)  I'm listed on a site so I've picked up a few random friends.  I don't think most of my friends know that we are friends yet though.  For example:

Jillybean  Her current dilemma is about shoes.  I realize that this wonderful woman has kids and a crazy life and bigger things going on than I could ever imagine.  Yet she wonders about fashion and shoes.  I totally love shoes, so I feel right at home reading her blog.

Mommy J Has a great love for music, including William Joseph.  He pretty much rocks my knee highs.  And even though I have never been pregnant, nor do I have kids, I enjoy her stories and feel a strange kinship.  I'm always so curious to see what sort of zany things her children will come up with next.

Crash  I think that in another life, she and I would have been dear friends.  I mean, really.  She's making Aloha print bonnets to wear on trek.  I SO wore tie dye bonnets.  Yes, they can tell you what to wear, but people never specify what kind of fabric patterns to use!  Way to find a loop-hole to keep your individuality.  When I first started reading her, she lived in Hawaii.  Now she lives much closer.  It's just a matter of time till she moves to my town and we bump into each other in the super market and then she can be my mentor of how to be when I'm all grown up.  ~sigh~ maybe someday.

You add these woman along with my great sisters Laree and Happy Mom (whom though I am related to, I totally consider friends) and really, life can be great.  I am quite aware that most of these woman don't read my blog, but I read theirs.  And even if that makes me seem like a creepy stalker, blogger makes it easy to stalk so I'll just go right on ahead!  Thanks for the friendship ladies.  You are all great examples to me!

Now, don't go thinking that I don't have real life friends.  I totally do.  I don't just sit around waiting for these ladies to update their blogs.  But it is something nice to come home to.


Happy Mom said...

I agree!!!

Love ya sis!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey, I found you! And I hope we do run into each other at the super market one day. Then we could blog about it. ;) Btw,I have a think for buckets too.

P.S. I LUB Jillybean too!

Laree said...

friends are the best!

(and don't worry, you're totally my friend too!)

Jillybean said...

I <3 blog friends! I've even had the pleasure of meeting many of them in person. (Yes, I've had lunch with Crash, she's FAB)

Laura said...

hmmm... does this mean we other sisters aren't your friends ???????