Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Little Bit of Heaven and Hell

Once Upon A Time...

Ok, that really isn't the style that I would like to write in today.  I just had absolutely no idea how to start today's post.  So there you go.

The real life story is, I am so happy that the local temple is open again.  I was able to go with a friend, to see her receive her endowment and be sealed to her husband and their boy.  That was great.  But there was also a special surprise.  Right before i went into the temple, I was able to see an old friend.  He used to be family... Let's see... let's call him Cloud.  You know, Clouds, they hang out up in the Sky?  I'm really hoping all of you who know me know who I'm talking about.  Well, Cloud was going to the temple because his fiance was receiving her endowment.  And it was during the same session as my friend.  I was so happy to be able to be part of that special day.  I'm quite the fan of Cloud, and it was good to see him and meet his cute fiance (imagine that word with the cool French little shmuh, shmuh accent thingy).  I'm so happy for him.  Oh, and I also saw one of Happy Mom's brother-in-laws.  There were just so many people to see at the temple.  I love it!

And now for a funny thing.  Well, I think it's funny.  Yesterday, on my way to work, I witnessed some amazing advertising.  There is a car dealership here.... and we'll call it Kate and Sandy's.  It's actually a very masculine place, no girls in the name, but whatever.  As I was driving down the road I saw this:


And then:


Then it flashed to "Kate and Sandy's" with some nice fire in the background.  Pretty much it made it look very Hellish.  Now, I'm sure that if I had seen the rest of the little add, it would have made much more sense.  But from where I was at, it really looks like the previous words should be something like, "Do you want to buy a car?"  Or, "Is there hope in this world?"  Or something exciting like that.  Really, it just seemed so bleak, and hopeless, and no not like Heaven.  I could almost hear some deep cynical voice laughing a deep "Bwa-ha-ha-ha" in the background.  Quality advertising.  That's what we have here.


Happy Mom said...

Hey sis!!!! I'm glad you got to see Cloud (good name for him!) I too am a fan and am sad that we won't see him anymore (not that I see anyone much!)

You are one my favorite bloggers. Keep it up!

Love you!

Grandma Nelson said...

I'm so excited that you got to go to the temple with your friend. To be able to see Cloud and his fiance was a terrific added blessing. We love him too and will always have him in our thoughts and prayers.

Laree said...

Medically, I'm sure I should not be allowed to read your blog until my incision is fully healed. Laughing hurts!

I'm glad you got to see Cloud. I wish him all the joy in the world.