Sunday, January 24, 2010

Remember That One Book About Chocolate And A Giant Turtle?

Once upon a time, my sister Laree became part of a test kitchen for some books.  I am now reading said books.  I think maybe my life is now complete.  I have found my new favorite genre of books.

Novels with recipes.  Really.  What more could a girl ask for?  Ok, so the current books I'm reading are mystery novels, and the heroin is in her 50's.  She's funny.  The first book I read like this was more of the LDS romance option, and all included recipes included chocolate.  That may have been a little bit cooler.  But only because I'm obsessed with chocolate.  Well.. mildly obsessed.  I like it.  A LOT.  But I limit my intake because of the allergy that I have.  I know, it's tragic.  But I will overcome this trial.  Some people are born without legs.  I'm allergic to chocolate.  I think those are pretty close to the same level of tragedy.  Don't you?  Really, bust out your violins, cause you need to play me a sad, sad song.

So now, I read, and I want to cook.  Especially anything with Lemon.  I may be obsessed with lemon, cause it is one of the things Scuttle and I bonded over.  Granted, it was because he made mashed potatoes with lemon juice in them.  And hot dogs.  He said he needed protein in his potatoes. I said he was crazy and should throw them out.  Either way, we used to cook with lemon juice quite often together.  (I can't tell you how glad I am that we picked the lemon juice and not the hot dogs to take on as a running joke.)

Really, there is no point to this.  Just that I made lemon cookies that I found from the books.  They have a TON of cornstarch.  But still, oh-so-tasty.  Mmmm Cookies.

Yep, that's about it.  Have a great day, yo!

Oh, and the part about the turtle.  The main character in the chocolate recipe book inherited a giant Galapagos Turtle.  Some girls have all the luck.


Laree said...

Ohh, you're going to be so excited! I just got 2 copies of Devil's Food cake, and sometime next week (when I'm not blury with sleep deprivation), I'm going to do a blog give-away for one copy.

I love those books.

Happy Mom said...

I LOVE those lemon cookies!!!

You above everyone whose blog I read that I personally know-- (whoo, did that even make sense?)--are the one whose voice, face and inflection I can personally hear and see as I read your words.

It makes me happy!

MillerNews said...

Girl you Crack me up! lol