Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Goings On

Oh life.  How you keep trucking on.  Because I think that I'm interesting enough that you all want to know the every day stuff in my life, I thought I'd fill you all in. :)

I am working part time at an Ice Cream manufacturing plant.  I work 2 days a week, for the most part.  The other secretary is a long time friend, and I pick up shifts for her when she needs a day off for one reason or another.  And it's a blessing.  My job ends around Labor Day, but if/when my friend needs a day off she'll still call me!  So that's cool.  For the next year I am quite likely going to have some random income at random times. Oh, and even after baby girl is born they will let me take her to work.  Pretty much the perfect situation?  I think so!

Hod is a working machine!  Because we don't want me to work after baby is born... well except for a random day here and there, Hod has been working 2 jobs to make enough money to support us.  Between the 2 jobs, he is at work for around 70 hours a week.  Yeah, sure, he's clocked out for breaks for part of that, but he's not home.  It's been rough.  I miss my hubby!  But then, something exciting happened!

Hod applied for a manager job with a different company a few months ago.  This would be a training job, where they teach you how to be a head manager, train you for a year, and then move you to some random part of the country where you are in charge of your own store.  During his first interview he was told that he would be given a call for a second interview in about a week.  After a week, we heard nothing.  This company e-mails you to give you the bad news, and we didn't get the e-mail either.  We waited, and waited, and Hod applied for other jobs, and we waited a bit more.  Then almost 2 weeks ago, Hod was called in for a second interview.  We were shocked!  We had given up on this job.  He went to the interview, felt it went well, and was told that he should hear back by Wednesday if he got the job.

During all of this, he has been miserable working his full time job.  It is not a good job.  It is lousy, and they are not nice people.  He had given up hope of ever getting out of there.  While I am so grateful that he is willing to work a lousy job to support us, it has been hard watching him be so miserable.

Wednesday came and went.  No call, no e-mail.  Then Thursday, while we were on our way to go see Hod's sister he got a call!  He was offered a job.  Not quite the job he had applied for.  We are a little bit nervous.  This current job is a little bit special.  It doesn't make quite enough to support us.  However, it is kind of a 30 day audition.  Because Hod has never worked for this company (which has some commission type stuff, which Hod has never done) they want to make sure he's the right fit for the manager training job.  Hod is pretty amazing, so we're not super stressed about him not passing the audition.  But if he doesn't, then life is going to be really hard once I stop working in September.  But when he does, he'll be salaried!  SALARIED!  We don't have to stress every time he needs a day off because that includes a pay cut.  AND he'll be back to working only 40 hours a week.  I get my husband back!

Baby is doing great!  She is measuring right on schedule.  Both ultrasounds she has been super active, but then again... I drank some juice so she was probably on a sugar high.  Everything with my pregnancy is looking good.  I have this random infection that you are either born with or not, so I'm on an antibiotic.  It's not a big deal, but if it is left untreated it can cause pre-term labor.  I take a pill twice a day, and it's all good!  I have an anterior placenta, meaning it will still be a while before I can feel regular movement.  This is also not a big deal at all, unless I need a c-section.  Then it can cause complications, but not really, because you're already in surgery, so any complications would be somewhat expected and they will be able to fix them all.

Hod and I are very excited to have Baby here!  And now it's fun that we can start getting the nursery ready.

Overall, life is going great!  We are happy and life is only getting better!


Kaylee said...

Super-de-duper Excited! You deserve all things good in this world, and I'm way excited for baby-bucket to come along! :)

Caryn Allen said...

I'm so excited for you guys. Life is so crazy sometimes, but things always work out. I'm glad baby girl is doing great! You're gonna be an awesome momma!

Laree said...

Yeah! I love when you do updates like this. Your life is changing so fast right now, and it's great to keep up on it!

Happy Mom said...

That's so fab!!! A new job is a beautiful thing!.

I can't wait to meet your new little one!