Friday, July 15, 2011

Logic... It's a Great Thing

Ok, so I've admitted that I have pregnancy brain.  As a result, I sometimes do stupid things.  Hey, I'm pregnant. What's your excuse?

Let me explain.  At my job, I work Tues and Thurs, and the other secretary (who is a dear friend) works the other 3 days.  She has one of the CUTEST little girls, and she is allowed to bring her to work.  Many of the customers enjoy seeing this sweet little girl.  I can't blame them.  I mean, really, her smile and giggle make your entire day better.

However, she is not my child.  As a result, I don't bring her to work.  To me this is logical.  And yet, at least once a week a customer asks me where the baby is.  I don't really look much like my friend, so people should be able to tell us apart.  It's like they think the baby comes with the job.  Along with being a secretary, we also have a baby-sitting business! Or something like that.  But they just keep asking.  My response is normally, "Well, she's with her mom."  And, I kid you not, I've had people ask me, "Why?"  WHAT?  Are you really asking me why the baby is with her mom?  Yes, I think she's cute, but I'm not going to bring some other lady's daughter to work.  Maybe I'm a mean person, but... I think I'd rather work without the cute little girl.  (Ok, I actually always bring my baby to work too, and she is also a cute little girl.  However, she doesn't really interfere with my job much.  She's pretty low maintenance.)

It's special.

Oh, and in other news, this week, I have found two places that I can no longer eat at, for at least the duration of my pregnancy.  It is a bummer.


Happy Mom said...

You make me happy, girl!!

Alicia Yvonne said...

hahaha I would react in the same way lol sorry you discovered more places you can't eat at.... I was super lucky and didn't/haven't had any serious aversions to restaurants so far and I am supremely grateful! Hope you continue to do well and look at the job situation this way ..... the little girl is cute and sweet and people assume that she's YOURS... that should count for something good :)

Miss Nelson said...

You make me laugh!! So where are the places you can't eat anymore?