Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leave A Message After The Beep

Please! Just do it! When you get my voice mail, use it. It's a nifty little tool that CRH's dad ... I forget, invented? Came up with? Provided the money for? Soldered (and that word is pronounced "sauttered" yeah, didn't know how to spell it, and if you just try to google "sauttered" you come up with a whole bunch of NOTHING!) the computer parts for? Something cool. And I think we all should use it.

Seriously, in the past two weeks, I have received no less than 9 calls from random phone numbers. And not ONE of these calls has resulted in a voice mail. One number even called me 4 or 5 different times. That makes the calls seem important, but not important enough to leave a message? I'm not trying to be an inattentive jerk. You just keep calling me when I'm at work, or in a church meeting, or in class. It's not my fault you have lousy timing. I really would answer if I could. And besides, getting voice mails makes me really happy. So, let us all celebrate the marvel that is modern communication (I totally stole that... well it was something close to that) and leave voice mails as a tribute to CRH's dad. He's pretty cool. And then I will stop going crazy wondering who is calling me.

I know, I could call them back, but that is so awkward! "Uh... Hi... My name is Paily, and someone from this number called me..." And then it would put me in the stupid position mentioned here.

Basically everyone should leave voice mails. Everyone else should check their voice mails, and then I will have one less thing to bug. We all win! So, please, leave a message after the beep.


Happy Mom said...

I'm guilty!!!! I HATE to leave a message, so I never do unless I have to. So sorry!

But I love you tons!!!!

Laree said...

maybe there was something very important that was time sensitive, so when they couldn't get you they just kept on trying and trying and trying, but didn't want to bother leavinging a message because by the time you were available, it would be over.

Wow, that was a run on sentance!

Love you girl!