Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Update On My Lame-ness

So... "Bob" came into work again today. I was once again working the register, and was quite nervous about talking to him. But I am an adult, so I was determined to make it through this. I did not need to run. He got to the register, I said "Hi" and he apologized for not calling me yet. He's just been really busy trying to find a job. And he also mentioned that he has way too many credit cards. (Can we say, yes! A winner! Hook me up! :p ) He's going to try to call me soon... I'm not sure how I feel about that. But the good news is, Bob is either deaf, unobservant, or really slow... And he doesn't know that I accidentally said mean things.

Then I went to the bank to deposit my check. The teller.... whom we shall call Fred was nice. That's cool. But then as I went to leave, he said, "So, you get paid every two weeks, right?" "Uh... yeah..." "Cool, well, my name is Fred, and I'll be sure to help you when I see you in two weeks!" "Uh... OK..." "Goodbye Paily! I'll see you soon!" This was followed by a crazy big smile and a hint of a wink.

Apparently, the trick for picking up men, is to have a lame job, wear ugly cloths, have bad hair, don't wear make-up, and smell of freshly baked bread. I've been playing this game wrong my entire life! Freshly showered, nice cloths, cute hair, a little bit of nice smelling stuff... ALL WRONG! I'm so glad to have had my eyes opened to the truth.


Laree said...

Sweet! I didn't find that out until after I was married. It's always when I'm looking the grubbiest - not showered, sweaty after running, rats nest for hair - that Hubby tells me I'm beautiful!

Keep the updates a commin'!

Happy Mom said...

You make me happy!!!! Keep posting girl!!! It makes my day!