Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Bad Case of the Lazies

AKA I Win!

Ok, so here is the deal. I have basically become a blog stalker. I follow so many blogs. I just have a lot of friends... and a few total strangers who fill my heart with joy as I read about their lives. But, many of my friends don't have a "Follow My Blog" section anywhere on their blog. Now I can be pretty lazy, but when it comes to following blogs, I am very lazy. I want to click on my little dashboard button, and know who out of the 3 million blogs I follow have updated. Alright, you caught me, I don't follow that many. This has been a conundrum for months. My poor little pointer finger has been exhausted from trailing over my touchy-mouse-pad-thingy that I'm sure has a name to find out what all of my friends are doing. I know, you are saddened by my plight.

Sorry, I digress. Not that this is an unusual thing for me. I am like the Queen of digression. Wow... is that really a word? Cool!

A-hem.... Today I discovered a great thing! All of you probably know about this... but if you don't, let me share my great fountain of knowledge. If you are signed into blogger, and you go to someone else's blog, at the very top of their blog you have a little bar of goodness and joy. It shows your e-mail address, and provides a link to your dashboard, all of that great snazzy stuff. Also, on the left hand side there are some cool things too. You can search, go to the next blog (but don't worry about that, it's probably in some strange language) Flag a blog because it's eeky, or.... Follow the blog you are on! There is a cute little follow button there!

So take THAT all of my non-followable friends. I thwarted your evil plan and now I am following you! (Well, all of you except for half of L6, cause one of her blogs just has issues, and even though I am following it I NEVER get updates. It's totally lame.)

I can save my pointer finger the extra stress of having to go to File, and New tab, and then bookmarks, and then down that list to the file of Blogs, and then finding that blog... It's a long journey that I can now skip!

So in other words... I WIN!


Laree said...

Um, L5 has more than one blog? Are you sure you didn't mean L6? 'cause L6 does, but one is private. Private blogs have the feed removed, otherwise you could hack into it, which would make it not private.

Anyway, laziness in blogging is not a sin. You just need to rename it into "effective time managment" or something like that!

Paily said...

Dude... You're right... let me edit that...