Sunday, May 3, 2009

Freedom!! … Oh, Blast. Never mind.

Earlier this week, I was feeling pretty lazy. Yeah, my last post kind of showed that off. Well, one day, I was doing my Visiting Teaching, and talking to my companion and the cute girl we visit about how I like to be lazy, but there are WAY too many meetings. You see, I was in the Relief Society presidency as the secretary. I have loved serving, but man! All those meetings! It has been pretty lame. The good news: and end in sight. My dear RS president is going home for the summer. So, today as I packed up my ginormous bag for church, I realized it would be the last time. I was getting released. WHOO HOO!!

I arrived at church and was going about my business when I was attacked and pushed into a small room. Despite my struggle, I was caught! Then the scary man in the dark suit pushed me under a bright light and started asking me questions. "How are you?" "Have you had a good day?" "Is there anything we can do for you?" They were coming in rapid fire. I could barely keep up. Then he quickly slipped in a most serious question, "Will you serve as the 1st counselor in your RS presidency?" I was caught unaware. I froze, and uttered that ill-fated word: yes.

Ok, so it wasn't really like that. My bishop is a great man, and I didn't feel pressured. This is just a more interesting account.

So, it turns out that my old VT companion is the RS president. As she heard me complaining, she was just laughing. It's true. Heavenly Father does have a sense of humor. Don't get me wrong, I am totally happy to serve, but this means...



Laree said...

Hah! You should have known better than to say you were done outloud! Too much tempting fate!

Happy Mom said...

HILARIOUS!! That's just how it seems to always roll! You will be fab little sis!