Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Newest Superhero

It's official. I have some mad skills. Skills so great, that I could no longer remain my normal, every-day Paily. I have transformed and become:

You may be wondering how I have attained this alter-ego. Well, if you don't remember, you can see my previous accomplishments with Super Glue here .

Well, People of the Land of Buckets, I have done it again! Before I fixed a jacket, and now, I have fixed my glasses. Right by the hinge. Yes that's right. I can fix things with move-able parts with Super Glue and all moving parts will still be moving after I have completed my task. Stand back in awe!

"Oh, no! I have broken something with moving parts! Whatever shall I do?"

"Have no fear! Super Glue Girl is here!" (Now I just need some theme music.)

And for any of you who are wondering... yes I made that picture. No, the colors don't match. But, I was just working to make the girl look modest. That was quite the feat. Let's not talk about how long it took me. Just enjoy.


Miss Nelson said...

You're just so cute! I'll know who to come to for all my super glueing needs!

Happy Mom said...

This made me happy!!! I don't quite get all of it, but it still made me happy! (I can be happy in the midst of confusion--I have skills too!)

You go, super glue girl!