Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sometimes You Just Want To Blog

So, I'm sitting here, just thinking and I really have the desire to blog. But I don't know that I have anything exciting, thought provoking, or funny to blog about. As a result, I think you all just get to read some random ramblings from your dear Paily. Here we go.

Life's been pretty crazy lately. Lots of ups, lots of downs. I really do think that I'm having a hint of a quarter-life crisis. (Quarter-life might not be the right terminology, cause I don't know that many people who live till 100. Isn't the average lifespan actually like... 80 or something? That means I'm five years behind. Oh, Blast! Another thing to be behind in.) I'm just feeling some basic unsettled-ness. Not sure what I'm doing, or why I'm here, that type of thing. Oh, I know why I'm "here" as in on the earth. Don't you worry, I haven't forgotten the Plan of Salvation from my missionary days. Just "here" as in, my current location. Still clinging onto my childhood. Not that I want to be a child... I just... am clingy. Maybe I need to invest in a bunch of dryer sheets. Then if I rub them all over my body the cling will disappear. Oh, I like that idea! Wouldn't it be great if all of life's problems could be solved by dryer sheets?

Last Monday I went to a concert. I went with some friends. It was cool. But it was also quite interesting. I was sitting up in the nosebleeds (yeah, I'm cheap) but I also didn't want the expensive "mosh-pit" seats. It was a rock concert after all. I was amazed how many pregnant woman I saw in the mosh-pit. I mean, pregnant ladies deserve to get their groove on as much as the next lady, but in a mosh-pit? That is totally lame-o. Although, they do look kind of funny when they rock out. Not a whole lot of jumping, just the limp chicken arms and a lot of booty shaking.

Sometimes I am totally a girl. You know, the whole over analyze everything ... thing. Currently doing that about a certain thing. Ok, yes about a boy. I know, totally lame. I have a friend who asked me on a date. That's cool. I like dates. But now I'm wondering if he actually wanted to take me on a date, or if he just needed to find a date and knew I would be fun. I've decided that boys need to have a magic 8 ball for a head. So then I could just ask it, "Do you want to date me?" shake his head around a bit, and then know the answer. Dude, I am totally brilliant! That is the best idea ever!

And on a completely unrelated note: I just thought this was funny.

The more I read this post, the more I think I have ADD. Wow. Well that will do for now! Have a great day, yo's!


Happy Mom said...

I love your random thoughts! I can totally hear your voice as I read them! My fav: the dryer sheet thoughts! --- Brings a smile to my face!

Colorado Red Head said...

I like you. You make me smile.

Laree said...

Thanks for the giggles. You and I should write a book with our randomness!