Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh, I Like Nice People!

This week, I've just had a few experiences that I thought were cool that I wanted to share. You see, sometimes I can be pretty negative. I watch the news, and I hear about things, and see other things, and I'm just thinking, "Blast, this world is kind of going to pot. Too many people making lame choices." Then I wonder if there is really hope in the world. As a whole. I know some people that are good... Ok, I know a lot of people that are good, but ... Maybe I was just having an ornery case of PMS. Either way, I was feeling pretty negative about the world. So, on to the really good experiences.

On.... let's say it was Monday, cause I don't really remember. So, I live in the desert. It doesn't rain much here. Oh wait! I lied. It has rained every day for the past week, and they (as in the all knowing weather men) say it is going to continue for another week. Now, this isn't like rain in... say NY or TX. It will rain "hard" but only last for 3 minutes. But all of the desert dwellers who haven't lived in a decidedly humid climate kind of go crazy about those 3 minutes. They try not to drive, and they certainly don't want to get out of their car and go grocery shopping. Maybe they all have a recessive gene from the Wicked Witch of the West. I don't know, something. Well, when I leave work I drive past a fairly small grocery store. It's a small chain, there are 3 of them in existence. Actually, I used to work there. Good people. I noticed as I drove past that all of the baggers were hovering about the doors. My first thought was, "hey, haven't they seen rain before?". Then I realized that at seemingly random times one of said baggers would go shooting out of the door into the rain. I had no idea what they were doing, so I decided to watch closer. And this is the cool part. The were running to cars that had nice ladies or older men in them, then armed with an umbrella, they held it over the customer's head, and got very wet themselves as they escorted them to the building. Then they waited at the door to the building to find another friend, or to help someone get their groceries to their car. I know, it's totally a little thing, but I thought it was really sweet. Some may say it was a marketing ploy, but it's not like they changed their marque to read, "Shop here! We'll come get you with an umbrella so you don't get wet!".

One last story. I recently bought a season of TV off of eBay. I was crazy excited about my amazing deal. Instead of watching all of the DVDs, cause my sister was using the DVD player, I just visually checked them all. They were clean, and almost completely scratch free. Yeah! So I got online and left a positive review to my seller. Life was good. That is, until I got a chance to watch the DVDs. The first disk wouldn't work at all. So I checked all of the others, and disk 5 is also lame. Oh no! What to do. That was a waste of money. I decided to e-mail the seller and ask if they knew about this and were just mean. At this point I had already left a positive review so if they were crooked, there really was nothing I could do. The seller responded very quickly, told me that they had no idea as they hadn't watched this show for about 4 years, and offered me a full refund. This friend didn't have to do that. (Ok, morally I think it was the right choice, but the world wouldn't agree.) But they did. They apologized profusely. Then after they had process the PayPal refund, they found out that PayPal has a slight lameness to them. They won't refund $.72 keeping it as a "processing fee". Then Mr. I'm-a-nice-guy-seller offered to mail me the $.72. I am over that. I just thought it was great to see someone who I don't know if they have the Gospel being so great.

Conclusion: This world is pretty cool. There are lots of nice people. I just need to not be ornery and have more faith in my fellow people. The End.


Laree said...

I love looking on the bright side!

So that small grocery store: you're talking small as in it's not a national chain right? 'cause they are actually quite big buildings.

And since when are there three of them?

Happy Mom said...

I soooo agree!!! Most of the people in the world are good and decent. It's just that the bad ones mess things up (and get more press!)