Monday, October 17, 2011

What A Nice Place!

I have recently discovered a wonderful place in my city of residence.

You can go, and stay, and the workers there take care of you.  Often approaching you just to see if they can get you a glass of water.  You have your own bed, and a couch in your room.  There is free cable TV, and your own personal bathroom.  This room also comes equipped with a personal phone, free snacks for visitors, all you can eat Popsicles, multiple light settings, and a fancy yoga ball to bounce on to your heart's content. Oh, and they have large windows giving you a great view of the city.  Doesn't this sound like a place you want to go?

Well, there is one catch.

You have to be in labor.  Oh, and progressing.

Just early labor and slow progression isn't enough.  They'll kick you out for that.

How do I know this?  Cause I have been there TWICE in the past 3 weeks.  They are very nice, and each time I am told... "Yeah, you have regular contractions 3-5 minutes apart... but... uh... we're not sure why you're not progressing, so we'll send you home."

Baby keeps toying with me.  She's all "Hey, Mom, I'm gonna come visit!"  Then after 5 hours of regular painful contractions she decides, "Actually, this is kind of warm and comfy... maybe I'll stay here a bit longer."

Well, Baby, I'm at 37 weeks.  That means FULL TERM.  There is no reason to be an over achiever and aim for a full 40 weeks.  37 will do.  In fact, I think 37 weeks and 1 day is the perfect time to be born.  Ready, Set, GO!

I need to be in that nice, fancy room again. :)


Happy Mom said...

Hope it happens soon, sis!

Laree said...

Well, since that first pep talk aparently worked so well for her, I'll try another one.

"Dear neice, I know it's super warm and cosy where you are. But did you know it gets just so much better when you come out? Everyone will make goofy faces and sigh, and snuggle you even more. And you'll get to figure out some awesome things, like how cool swings and strollers are. Just wait until you get your first pair of shoes!

So what are you waiting for? Come on baby!"

the end.

Jamie Younker said...

OH honey.... I have SO been there! A LOT! Noelle gave me so many false hopes! My contractions were literally one on top of the other (no break at all) and so incredibly painful... and yet after a few hours they'd send me home. It's sooooo discouraging! But trust me, she WILL come! And the truth of the matter is you can't have her until AFTER your baby shower! I need to see you!

Sadie said...

This little watermelon is gonna be coming so soon and then you'll have no idea what to do with yourself, especially after hubby goes back to work! You are doing so wonderfully and look so great! I remember with Brenden those frequent trips to the hospital just to be sent home, this baby is going to be such a trouble maker, but so well worth it. Let us know when this beauty decides to make her appearance. :)

Alicia Yvonne said...

maybe she'll join in the trend of being 13 days early... Owen was, my friend Beth's son was and so was my friend Katie's son! .. but maybe that's just the new trend for boys... hmmmm....