Friday, October 14, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

About a week ago, Hod and I were at Walmart, and we found out that the fish were half off.  Hod loves fish.  So much that when given the choice between new cloths and a fish, Hod chose a fish for Christmas.  (Those of you who don't know Hod won't understand what a big deal this is, but trust me, it's a big deal.)

Sadly, that fish died last April.  Rest in Peace, Mordecai.  Life has been stressful lately, so when given the chance to get a new fish, Hod jumped at it.  After fretting about a name for our newest family member, Hod settled on Mike Chang.  Yes, this is a character on the fairly popular TV show "Glee".  Oddly enough this really fits our fish.  He's a red colored Beta.  He also looks a little Asian.  Ok, that sounds racist.  He looks like the guys on Thoroughly Modern Millie.  Anyway... I'm probably digging myself in a hole of sorts.

Uh... We got a fish!

Last Sunday, I noticed that Hod was pretty busy, so I decided to feed Mike.  Now, way back in the day, one of my dear friends had Hod and I fish sit.  She had a fairly particular way of feeding her fish, New Jeffery Wilbur.  This involved holding his food over his bowl and just opening it a little bit.  Then some food would come out.  I honestly don't have a lot of experience feeding fish, so I copied that method.  As I opened the food just a little bit, nothing came out.  Well.. thought I, maybe I just need to open it a bit more.  So I did.  And about 30 days worth of food came tumbling out right into the fish bowl.  Mike Chang looked at me like I was an idiot.  I stood there for a second, wondering what to do.  And laughing.  I thought it was funny.  I finally decided that I had to try to get some of the food out of there.  I turned to the silverware drawer to get a spoon... and noticed that I hadn't emptied out the dishwasher yet and the only spoons in the drawer were slotted.  Well that's not going to work.  I finally got a regular spoon, and a small cup to pull out the excess food.  By now, 2/3 of the food had fallen from floating around the top the bowl to raining down on the plastic Roman like columns decorating the fish bowl.

Mike Chang is set for life!

Ok, Hod was very kind and cleaned the bowl out even though it was my mistake.  And Mike is doing fine.

And for those of you who were hoping for a little movie to go with the title of this blog post... Here you go!


Happy Mom said...

I liked your fish story!

Hope the baby comes soon!

Ricky and Sara Johnson said...

Thank you for adding the video! It is just what I need for the day! I hope you are doing well.