Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh, Tender!

Since I am currently unemployed, Hod often asks me to drive him to school.  He says it's because he likes to spend time together.  I actually think it's just because having someone drop you off at your building is a lot easier than finding a parking spot and walking.  But whatever.

Apparently, dropping your spouse off for class is a very common occurrence.  Hod and I have a mostly unspoken rule:  All goodbyes must be accompanied with a kiss.  Don't worry, not something big and sloppy.  We keep it clean, and simple, and cute.  I'm sure most of you are thinking, "Yeah, Duh, Everyone does that."  It's true, they do!  And I get to see it.  No, I'm not some creeper who is sitting there watching everyone.  I just notice it as I drop Hod off.  There are always other cars, doing the same thing.  Yeah for love!


Happy Mom said...

For cute!! That makes me happy!

Grandma Nelson said...

Only you could spend that much time talking about arm hair and actually make it fun to read. Love you!