Friday, February 18, 2011

Can You Explain It?

There is one thing in life that has almost always been very important to me.  Once I was shown how it would change my life, I have always done what what I could to make this a priority.  It is life changing.

Of course, I am talking about decorative socks.

They are cute, they are all the same thickness so you don't have to mate them, and often so soft.

Yesterday I noticed something about them.  I must admit I feel betrayed.

Decorative socks are almost always tall enough that they shouldn't be worn with shorts or capris.  This I already knew.  However, I realized that when you wear pants, and then you wear shoes, suddenly no one can see the socks.  Why do you have socks that are so cute when no one can see them?  I mean, I guess you know that your feet are cute, but you can't share the goodness.

Why, decorative socks.  Why have you suddenly turned on me??


Laree said...

Wear Mary Janes. Then sit down and cross your legs. That way your pants come up a bit and we can all see your cuteness!

*My word verification is "frocula" Doesn't that sound like a cross between frogs and Dracula? Now I want to read Wildwood Dancing again! (have you read that one? LOVE IT!)

Grandma Nelson said...

Having a hidden cuteness can be pretty liberating. No one knows what a with it gal you are except those who know and love you well. Kind of like the hidden drawer in the back of a desk that I always wanted.