Friday, September 6, 2013

A Word of Caution To This Tale

#1 loves to play with my phone.   I let her sometimes.  She really enjoys texting.  Most often she texts her dad, because I'm texting him most of the day.  She pokes at the keyboard for a while and makes random non-words.  It makes her happy, and we like that.

However,  it appears that she has figured out how to add words to my phone's dictionary.  Not a huge deal, but I text by Swiping.  I run my finger over the letters and all sorts of gibberish pops up now.

So, when you get random words from me (Like now my phone always tries to say "sui" for "so") just know that is a bit of love from #1.


Leann Nelson said...

This makes me smile! Thank you!!

Miss Nelson said...

I'd love a bit of love from #1!!