Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Little Hope

Today #2 had another doctor appointment.  We visited her doctor for what is called an OMT appointment.  I don't have a clue what OMT stands for.  It is hard to explain what these appointments are like.  By applying constant, gentle pressure, the doctor aligns different things in the kids bodies.  They generally focus on the skull.  It is slightly like a chiropractor... only to the untrained eye (like me) it really doesn't look like anything is happening.  The average appointment involves about 20 minutes of adjusting.  And they do the entire body from hip to head.  Today it took 25, and almost all of that was on #2's hips.

And I can see a difference.  The doctor taught me some things I can do to help keep it aligned.  If we can continue to keep things right, and if we can keep getting this much change at each appointment, we may be able to avoid surgery!  It is going to be hard work to get here there, but there is some hope!  I would MUCH rather have lots of doctor appointments and be inconvenienced by having to change the way I do things and do lots of stretching and adjusting here at home, than do surgery.  We were meeting with the doctor every six weeks, we have switched to every two.  For now we are keeping our appointment with the surgeon, just in case.  But, if things continue to change then we will be able to cancel!  SO HAPPY!!


Leann Nelson said...

YAHOO YAHOO YAHOO!! That is awesome to have some hope! We will keep thinking of you and your cute family!

Miss Nelson said...

THAT IS SO GREAT!!! I'm crossing my fingers, and sending prayers your way!

Happy Mom said...

Sooo glad to hear it!!!

Laree said...

My pal Google tells me omt + osteopathic manipulative treatment - which is the fancy way of saying just what you described!

I think this is the bestest news ever. For things like this (from what I understand), surgery is a quick fix, but doesn't usually truly "heal" the problem, while things like omt/pt/ot stuff actually trains her to have a healthy body. So hooray for healing - you go little girl!